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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery

121207 (Road to Recovery)

121207 (Road to Recovery)

If you’ve read 121206 then you know today was a bit uneventful for me. I’ve spent the last 12 hours on the couch hobbling between the bathroom, refrigerator, and my couch. I normally spend anywhere from 2-3 hours a day at my box, you mathematicians now know that I have somewhere between 15-20 hours a week now that I cannot account for. Today I watched 5 movies and countless MobilityWOD’s. I might have to buy a few books or take up a hobby. My mom seems to like knitting, anyone want a scarf? Seriously though, it’s been about 24 hours and I’m already going crazy. I will say this, the ridiculous number of texts, tweets, and comments I’ve gotten in the last 12 hours about my knee, sending good thoughts, and general well wishing has been amazing. I don’t imagine before Crossfit that anything like that would’ve happened in my life. This community thing is growing on me I think. One big family.

Given my lower body is out of commission for the near future – this is probably about as good of a time as any to address my shoulder issues, so that when I can finally put my full weight on my feet again I can jump into some good upper body strength work. I’m thinking a lot of rings, strict pull-ups and chin-ups, L-sits, and seated KB/DB work. I’m truthfully trying to make the best of this. Somehow I’ve managed to keep my spirits up, if I can make it to Monday, I’ll be alright I think.

In all honesty the worst part is how this happened. It was not part of some huge competition where I was pushing a PR or destroying some WOD in a craze for 1st place. I did it on a regular box, on my rest day, playing around with conditioning and agility work. That doesn’t really make for great re-enacting. It’s a little embarrassing really, 31 stitches from a box jump, you’d think it was the first time I’d even tried Crossfit. I don’t know guys, just feels a bit sour to me, the box was’t even hurt! I guess there’s always next time.

My Dad asked me for my Christmas list today and I legitimately have come up with one thing to put on it in the last 4 hours, Under Armour Compression Shorts..that’s it. I need some help here guys and gals. I’m drawing major blanks, I already went through my wishlist on Rogue and came up with zilch. Maybe some kitchen appliances? Things between $30-60 that you swear by. The best book you’ve read this year? I’m grasping at straws here. Maybe I’ll just have my relatives donate to Steve’s Original or the Wounded Warrior project – oohh I like that idea, especially given my present condition. God can you even imagine the balls on some of those guys, doing Crossfit missing legs and arms, to fight back from that, the spirit and charisma is inspiring.

I guess without much Crossfit to speak of, I’ll have to stick to Paleo and music. My favorite quick Paleo meal is a few ounces of whatever meat I have in the fridge, some fresh veggies, today was onion and mushroom, and 6-10 eggs. It’s perfect, throw in a few pieces of bacon and some guac, man I love it. I could easily give Gaston a run for his money, 5 dozen – pshaw! Just wait till I get to bench pressing again. Paleo treat number two today was one I heard about down at HOA from a girl on the prescribed team. She made her own almond butter, and mixed in protein powder. So simple! The best ideas are always so simple. So today I threw a heaping scoop of protein powder in a bowl, added just enough water to get a mayonnaise consistency, then threw in about 4 oz of almond butter. Holy jesus was this good. Was it a bowl of 800 calories, a shitload of fat, and arguable paleo-ness, yes. But after the last 24 hours I took what I wanted – like the Viking I am.

I’m sure there’s more I wanted to say but the Vicodin makes it hard to focus. Hopefully I’ll be back to writing coherent thoughts on Monday. Have a great weekend folks.

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