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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Paleo Lifestyle, Recipe, Strength Training

121213 (Back at the Box)

121213 (Back at the Box)

After writing my post yesterday I actually tossed back and forth on the idea of training today. My argument for training is that I’ve taken a full week off, the psychological toll that being sedentary is taking has been crushing me, and that I have satisfactory mobility and stability to not pose a danger to myself or others. The argument against is that I still haven’t really officially cleared my shoulder with anyone professional and that even being in the gym poses a greater risk to popping a stitch which would set me back further. This time last night I had settled on going, then this morning I decided against it, but after a rather dull day at work, I went back the other direction. The box won out.


Obviously the dynamic, full range of motion, functional movements that Crossfit has become famous for, are out. I won’t even risk putting any kind of force through my legs, I’m just not sure what could happen, even a little hip drive is too much. To be fair, there were moments that walking on it, or maneuvering through exercises today felt like they might’ve been a little much. As I said last night, I kept things as strict and controlled as possible. Obviously this doesn’t lend itself to the kind of workout I’ve become accustomed to, but fuck was it better than another afternoon on the couch. Here’s what my day looked like.


Bench press 45×10, 135×8, 185×5, 185×5, 185×5, 185×3, 185×2, 135×10, 135×8, 45×20, 45×15
Strict chin-ups 5×5
Seated KB Press 35×8, 35×8, 35×6
Bottom’s Up KB Press 20×8, 20×8, 20×8
KB Pendlay Row 70×8, 70×8, 70×8
DB curls 35×8, 35×8, 35×8, 35×8
Box Dips 3×10

Before you start, yes I did DB curls, no I don’t give a fuck what you have to say about it. I came from a bodybuilding and strength background, and a fucked up knee is as good of an excuse as any to at least look good even if I can’t be athletic about it. Will I start doing them as part of my training, god no, but does it feel good every now and again, you bet your sweet ass. Sorry to get mouthy with you – but it had to be done. Hardly the intense and varied workout I’ve been cultivating the passed 4-5 months, but it felt really good to hold a barbell again (no homo) and get at least a moderate sweat going. Unlike when I was squatting and rowing I could go everyday. I will probably be stuck doing every other or every second day for awhile. At least until I can start incorporating some dead lifts or kb swings, snatches and cleans. Stitches come out in a week!


Onto secondary matters. You all should read this post by Chris Moore of Barbell Shrugged fame. He’s far more eloquent and well purposed than I. When I write posts about being mindful and keeping perspective they’re a bit crude and though I mean the words I write, I rarely get the opportunity to embody them in the same sense that he seems to have. Given my recent bought of injury after injury and headstrong nature, keeping goals on a pedestal sacrificing my health usually, a lot of his words struck me pretty poignantly. Hopefully they hit you with equal magnitude. Which brings me to my next bit, while resting this passed week I haven’t had any trouble from my shoulder, for obvious reasons. Today was the first time I’d put any pressing movement on my shoulder. It did not feel bad, but there was definitely still a twinge, it didn’t like me for it. If I had to train again tomorrow, it would likely get worse, and worse, and worse…this is something I plan to monitor closely as my knee heals. Again, the goal being to come back as close to healthy as possible so I can once again resume training at my usual intensity.


Started and finished my Christmas shopping after work today. That’s how you do it. I’m only moderately proud of my self sufficiency here – normally I’d wait until the very last minute and then make up presents, like buying shit online, printing the picture and putting it in a box…this year I have presents to wrap and wrap them I shall! I’m bad at that too…

New favorite meal, great for cold nights. A bit of bacon fat in a pan, add some curry paste, coconut milk. Slice chicken breasts about 1cm thick slices, add to pan. In separate pan, steam your veggies (I used broccoli). When the veggies are done and the chicken is cooked through, combine in a bowl. There you go, nice spicy coconut curry broth, plenty of protein and veggies. Mm so good. Tastes like healing.


  1. Geez.. I was just kidding about the DB curls. 🙂

  2. Bringing a little Gold’s to the back area of xfit STL. DB curls …:)

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