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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training

121219 (So Close)

121219 (So Close)

This time tomorrow my knee will have 31 fewer stitches in it and hopefully at least 45 more degrees of range of motion, not to mention the dent that it will buff out of my pride. The real question remains, what the road to recovery looks like, and at the moment it’s quite clouded. You see, the stitches are what’s holding my range of motion fixed, bend too far, they rip out and the wound looks gross. As soon as they come out however, I will have a much better sense for how stiff my knee has become, how much healing has taken place, and how careful I’ll need to be. Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be doing full depth squats before the first of the year. The real question is whether it will tolerate unweighted movements like rowing, or more dynamic kinetic chain movements like KB swings, cleans and presses. I really don’t even know if I could kip a pull-up right now, though I’m guessing I could. It’s all still very much a mystery.

Last Thursday I posted about Chris Moore’s blog, I don’t remember exactly what I said, but that particular post was about high’s and low’s. Being at the bottom of a pretty significant low, relatively speaking, I found it both relevant and poignant. We must be on parallel paths because this week he’s writing about Bulls in China shops, metaphorically of course. While it does start with Chris’ particular brand of “brashness” the final paragraphs are worthy of your attention.

But rest assured. We have a secret weapon, you and I. We at least recognize the dangers. We know how easy it is to be wrong, so we commit to working as hard as we can. To learning as much as we can. And let me tell you something, we pay very close attention. And because we do that, we know when it’s time to thrash around a little bit.

I talk a lot of bullshit here, by that of course I mean that I don’t really take the time daily to craft as thoughtful a piece as Chris does, but I hope one day to be able to shape my thoughts one-tenth as well as he is able. The impact this paragraph had on me is strangely without words, and for that I’m grateful.

Bench Press 135×10, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5, 185×3, 185×3, 185×3, 205×2, 215×1, 135×10, 135×10, 135×7
Strict Chin Up 3×8
Strict Ring Row 3×10
Bottoms-Up KB Press 9kg 3×8
KB Shoulder Press 16kg 3×8
Box Dip 3×10
DB Curl 35# 3×10

This workout scheme is getting excruciatingly dull, even by my old strength workout standards where I did the same thing every 4th day, it’s still dull. I’m sorry you guys have to read about it. I really really hope to be doen with it soon. If I have to do it again friday I’ll probably change up the strength component and do weighted chin-ups and then see about some kind of tabata bench press, and maybe some KB push presses. Yeah that sounds more interesting. In the meantime, crunch your teeth on the latest issue of Barbel Shrugged Podcast it’s host Mike Bledsoe was just in Saint Louis where he took 1st place in a meet.

Holiday Row: 76k still in around 5 hours and change

MFS | 4-3-3

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