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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery

121221 (Drive It Like You Stole It)

121221 (Drive It Like You Stole It)


Healing is well underway – today was all about testing the limits of said healing. Over the course of the day I was getting more and more confident in my knee, first stairs, then sitting normally, even some one arm KB swings this morning before work. On the surface it’s still a scab, and I still can’t it the bottom of a squat, but its a start. I feel as though I’ve escaped some serious shit here by the skin of my teeth. A cm more and I probably would’ve ruptured my patellar tendon, or dislocated my knee, or any number of other terrible terrible injuries. Today felt like a second chance. Not an excuse to be reckless; but a chance to do right by myself, the value of my the health of my body is no longer lost on me. Even when I’m back at 110% – I will strive to remember these passed two weeks, acknowledge that even something so simple as bending a knee can be a success. Now that the cat is out of the bag on the healing front, time to take a look at what I made of today.

Pendlay Rows 75×18, 95×12, 115×12, 115×12, 115×12
KB Snatch (each arm) 53×8, 53×8, 53×8, 53×8
Hang Power Clean 135×8, 135×8, 135×8, 135×8
Legless Rope Climbs 5
Strict Chin-Ups 8, 8, 6
Ring Dips 10, 8, 8
Row 2016m – 8:06

Pressing too many days in a week really wrecks my shoulders and leaves me prone to injury, so I capped it at two this week, I was really trying to avoid pressing today. While that limited what I could do, I still managed a good bit. I wanted to try dead lifting but my knees weren’t quite up for that yet. Still adding in the KB Snatch and HPC were really nice, just to add in some dynamic work again. The strict pressing and rowing lately has really become a bore. The ropes were out today for the classes WOD and I love legless rope ascents, nothing works your upper body quite the same. I was worried about trying to row, I was certain the recovery would bust it open – it didn’t, it didn’t even try to bleed. For some reason I was starving when I got home from my box, I ate about $70 worth of sashimi, then some ham, then 6 eggs, 6 strips of bacon and half a sweet potato – definitely need to get after it tomorrow morning. Planning a 5k tomorrow, then plenty of rest for the rest of the weekend.



Speaking of the rest of the weekend – my sister’s Debutant Ball is tomorrow night. It’s called the Veiled Prophet Ball. The basics of it are young women wear really expensive wedding gowns, the guys wear white tie, also known as ties and tails – gonna look pretty fly. The part I didn’t realize is that it’s an all night affair, starting at 6:30 and going until 5:00 AM culminating when they serve breakfast. Needless to say my diet and sleep schedule are going to be royally fucked this weekend. Not to mention the epic hangover I’m sure will be coming my way – whiskey is a mean mistress. Don’t be surprised if I miss a few posts this weekend, I promise if anything interesting happens I’ll take pictures.

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