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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery

121222 (Milestones and Celebrations)

121222 (Milestones and Celebrations)

If you’ve been around Crossfit for a few months, you probably know there’s something special about an athlete’s first muscle up, ring or bar. It’s a right of passage. One that I am proud and excited to be on the other side of. I didn’t wake up this morning and set out to do it, I haven’t been working on any progressions, I simply showed up at the box today and was running out of things to do. I figured I’d just try to do some ring pull-ups, maybe a few negatives. But then I just figured I’d give it a few tries. My first one was close but not great, second try was closer, I didn’t get my left arm to roll over into the bottom of the dip, and then boom – third one I was just up on the rings without thinking about it. Fortunately coach David was walking by to see it and asked if that was my first, when I told him it was he was mad I didn’t tell him. Whoops. Then we filmed the second one. Now it’s time to start learning to string them together!

Yesterday I carefully rowed a 2k, just to see how it felt, given that my knee didn’t cry out in pain or start weeping fluids, I figured that was a good sign. Today the challenge was to get back on the 100k Holiday rowing challenge with a 5k, I managed a pretty decent 5k around a 2:00/500m pace which was pretty much where I was when I got hurt, so that’s good. On the other side of the holidays I think some squat tests are going to be in order. Still not sure if I’ll start with a barbell squat or just work on like a goblet squat to keep some of the pressure off, or make it easier to bail. Right now my mind is occupied with getting through my families holiday dinner with my Paleo integrity intact. But now it’s time for a giant bowl of eggs!

Tonight we celebrate – it’s supposed to be a celebration of my sister’s presentation into society, but I’m hijacking it and celebrating my first muscle up. Sorry sis.


Holiday 100k: 85.9k in 5:56:02

MFS | 1-2-2



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