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Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, WOD

13.2 Warm-Up & Efficiency Tips

13.2 Warm-Up & Efficiency Tips

Last night I got on my high horse a bit with 13.2 – I’ve settled down a bit to the realization that it’s only a workout, we’re all going to do it, at this point the best practice is to strategize, prepare properly, and come at it intensely but safely.

There are three main videos I’m basing most of my comments on. Posted below.

TL;DR (or watch)

  1. Grip width and foot position should be the same for your shoulder to overhead as the deadlift
  2. Start with a push press, keep the hips under the shoulders, avoid bending at the waist and/or over arching the back
  3. Let the bar rest on the clavicle/shoulders, avoid holding the weight of the bar on the wrist/forearms, think jerk not press
  4. Keep the weight through your heals, allow plantar flexion to occur naturally, don’t actively rise to your toes
  5. Move to push jerk when the weight gets heavy, stay efficient, use the hips to get the weight as high as possible, catching with locked out arms to avoid pressing
  6. When dead lifting, keep the back flat, avoid the temptation of arching at the top to push the hips through
  7. Getting the hips low on the dead lift might look like more work but is a mechanistically efficient position as KStar explains and keeps you organized, don’t blow out your low back.
  8. Carl walks you through a ton of dynamic warmups for box jumps, do them all, do them more, save your achilles; if in doubt, step down
  9. Soft tissue work and proper calf/ankle stretching before hand will carry you miles in this workout
  10. Practice landing organized both ontop of the box and back on the ground, same as the squat, feet straight, knees out, spine secure
  11. Use your arms on the box jumps, Carl says they give you 30% more power through the box jump

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