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Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant

130112 (Best Day of the Month)

130112 (Best Day of the Month)

Aside from payday my monthly trip to Costco is one of the happiest adventures I take each month. It’s nice to make fun recipes with ingredients I’ve never tried and shop at Whole Foods for fancy plates of salmon and bok choy, but on a day to day basis I live out of a freezer filled with frozen chicken breasts and organic broccoli, giant bags of sweet potato’s, onions, and bulk supplies of bacon. It makes Paleo sustainable. There were a few hiccups today, they didn’t have any sweet potatoes and were out of my uncured bacon. They had a brand new item though, a humongous jar of coconut oil – too bad I just bought two on Amazon – but still, exciting.


A friend asked me recently what I live off of on Costco – I mention a few staples in my Paleo Guide but here’s what I live on in general.

Frozen chicken breasts
Fresh chicken thighs
Frozen organic broccoli florets
Spanish Onions
Sweet Potatoes
Raw Almonds & Pecans
Roasted Almond Butter
Virgin Coconut Oil

On a standard trip I’ll purchase at least 95% of these items, with the occasional break or switch up.

After much searching, several e-mails and phone calls to local farms, and browsing more than a few message boards; I’ve finally found a way of getting raw milk in the metro Saint Louis area without driving the whole 2 and a half hours to a farm. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about raw milk, I’m eager to let you all know how it goes.

I complain a lot about working weekends, for whatever reason working today was much worse than normal. I read the Outlaw work for 130112 and was terribly excited, I’ve been working a lot on my weightlifting technique, reading my new book, and am eager to implement the elements I’ve read about. Likewise, squatting heavy always feels good, much better than taking rest days. I’ll just have to save it for tomorrow I suppose. That’s life. That’s hopefully soon over though. Looks like it’ll also cost my a spot at the Affiliate Challenge coming up next weekend; at least I still have my Netflix.

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