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Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant

130314 Goat Milk and Jerk Blocks

130314 Goat Milk and Jerk Blocks

Today was an interesting day. Let’s start with how I figured out my raw goat milk supplier, a process which involved calling/e-mailing no fewer than 8 separate farms, some up to 3 hours away. In the end I found a small private buyers club (like Costco but for farm goods like raw milk, pastured eggs, etc.) which once you buy into you have access to the farmers they represent. You place an order online, choose your delivery location, then show up there in the 90 minute window you select. The first one actually went pretty well, I’m upset I started with only 2 gallons. I messed up the time the second time around so I ended up waiting in a parking lot for 2 hours, but I still got the milk. This time however I left empty handed. The buyer’s co-op deal is dropping the location I pick up from, but the farmer offered to deliver directly; somewhere in the transfer my order got lost and never made it to the delivery. I got upset at first, but have since shaken it off which I’m proud of – previously that might’ve ruined my whole week.


The good news is that I can try and re-do it for next week and hopefully things go as planned, though I will likely confirm the order at least twice, just because. More worrisome is the fact that those goat milk calories were helping me put on some solid lean mass and without it I might start to drop weight. I find it pretty difficult to eat the way I like to eat and squeeze in more meals, I don’t like to eat every 3 hours as people often recommend. I find it tedious and micro-management, I do much better eating 2 larger meals per day. I’m not sure how much larger those meals can get and the liquid calories seem to have tipped the balance in my favor. I’m not ready to buy regular milk, but thats certainly crossed my mind.


Enough about milk, I’ve already spent enough mental energy on it. Today Tim was rebuilding the jerk blocks we use on a weekly basis, I thought I would do my part and help out – looks like I was the only one with those thoughts. Didn’t matter, I was happy to help, it was fun to work with my hands – I don’t use a lot of power tools, it reminded me of when Lego’s represented 100% of my hobbies. I’m not sure where the plans came from but they seem much sturdier than the old ones, we used 4×4’s as the base, running length wise, capped the ends with 2×4’s, liquid-nail’ed the shit out of it, used about 30 screws per block and finished in about 3 hours. I joke that I can’t sleep and don’t feel right when I don’t spend 2 hours at the box; but it’s the truth, it just sets me right with the world.



I’m almost done with my weird Valentines day rant…just one more thing. Fish oil. Of all the things I talked to Mike about when I was down in Memphis most are things I’d already heard, habits I’d already had, or things I was doing more or less correctly. The only exception to that was fish oil, turns out fish oil isn’t just fish oil. Even taking 20g of the cheap stuff doesn’t really carry the same weight as the right stuff. Mike told me that taking a higher quality fish oil helped his recovery, his joints, pretty much everything. It was the first thing I did when I got back – went straight to SFH and grabbed 60 servings of concentrated O3’s. It’s obviously far too soon to say it’s helped or changed anything, but after 30 days I’ll be sure to let you know.


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