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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Music and Rants, Rant

A Day of Firsts

A Day of Firsts

***Warning: this is going to be a long post, I’m realllly excited!***

Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Today was one of the best days of Crossfit I’ve ever been a part of – just when I thought I had it all figured out; boom! It gets better. I want to record everything about today so this post is going to be pretty massive.

You know how the morning went – I posted several videos; not my worst day in the gym, but wasn’t my best either, wasn’t feeling super great about the rest of the day. I was also terrified to do something wrong and show up at the competition and pass out or not be able to compete. So after the morning Outlaw session I did what I always do – went to the store, took a shower, put some ice on my knee and cooked some food. The one thing I did differently is that I didn’t want to have to eat before the competition, so I made a larger than average lunch. Of course by larger than average I mean disgustingly huge. I already only eat twice a day, so my meals are pretty big, when you make one bigger it starts to get pretty gross.

This is about 80% of it, the other 20% was about 5oz of cashews I ate while the eggs cooked. The plate is 2 smoked chicken thighs, 6 eggs, about 2 cups of kale (cooked down) 5 strips of bacon, and a piiiile of guacamole. In the bowl to the left is about 1.5 cups of my favorite trail mix and coconut milk. Gross right? I got full just writing about it again.

Of course after this huge meal I did what came naturally – crawled into bed and took an amazing nap. I’m not a big napper, I usually wake up groggier than when I started. Today though was a very refreshing nap, felt great. At this point it was about 2:30 and I had about 3 hours until I was going to leave for the competition. I was starting to get a bit stir crazy and antsy, so I grabbed my partner in crime, Cooper, and a book about Yoga for athletes and tried to relax a bit.

That’s Cooper. He’s my rock. In any case…that worked, and about 5:00 I started my traditional at home mobility work, I foam rolled for about 45 minutes, calves to shoulders. Grabbed a mobility band and pulled on my hamstrings, did some shoulder pass throughs, pretty typical stuff, nothing special. At this point it was about 5:50 and the competition was 33 minutes away according to google maps, so I figured I’d get on the road right? Wrong. Well half wrong, I got on the road alright, first in the wrong direction and then right into traffic. Take another way right? Easy enough, turns out the “other way” that was easy in my head, was actually 20 minutes longer. I hate being late – I’m terrible at it. So I rolled up in a tizzy, scrambled to find my team, threw on my oly shoes, knee wrap, and wrist wraps and did my best to pretend I was ready to go. Before I forget, the teams were 4 people, 2 males and 2 females. It’ll be important later I promise.

I had originally intended to take a million sweet pictures and document the sh*t out of this competition, but obviously I forgot to do all of that, instead what you get is this rushed shot I grabbed in between heats. So I have like 4 pictures and my sweet stories. Where was I? Oh yea, barely warmed up they explained the WOD and the movement standards.

WOD #1
15 Minutes to establish 1RM Snatch 1 Male / 1 Female
15 Minutes to establish 1RM Clean 1 Male / 1 Female

This sounds deceptively simple. Basically we were doing all 4 at once, with only two bars. One mens bar and one female bar. So my teammate snatching was approaching his 1RM while I was doing warmup sets, just the nature of the mechanics of the two lifts. Luckily the 15 minutes wasn’t too rushed and the Outlaw work actually prepared me pretty well to do Oly work in a hurry.

It was kind of a blur but I think I did 1 rep at 95, 1 rep at 135, 3 more reps at 135, then went right into 1 rep at 225. That 225 was sloppy as hell, it shook me. Somehow I shook it off, I cheered on my teammate Snatching and tried to find a happy place. At this point my teammate was more or less done snatching; he’d hit 135 (a PR) and then 145 (also a PR). I’d already done 225, no use doing that again, so we put 230 on the bar and it went up pretty cleanly. Way cleaner than the 225 a few minutes earlier. This got me going in the right direction again. At this point I was thinking 230 is my PR, so anything else would be icing on the cake, especially after the Outlaw work not 12 hours earlier. In any case we put 235 on the bar. I don’t know if it was the cheering or the Outlaw work, or the massive meal I ate but it went up pretty cleanly too. Threw on another 5, 240 now, dropped it once, it got out in front of me and I couldn’t drop under it fast enough. At this point our coach David had showed up and was throwing out advice like a Chinese fortune-teller. “Keep the bar close, elbows up, don’t let that breath out.” That was all he needed to say, I hit 240 my next rep. We threw 150 back on the bar to try and get a bit more on the snatch, it wasn’t there, my teammates form was awesome, especially after 2 more PR’s, just wasn’t stable enough in the bottom of the snatch. Now there was about 90 seconds left, 245 was calling. By the time I set my hands on the bar there was about 30 seconds left, so it was pretty much my only shot at it. It felt heavy off the floor, and I lost it out in front of me at the hip, I tried to pop under it but it landed closer to my bicep than my shoulders and there was nothing I could do to save it. TIME!

Tied for 3rd after the first WOD. Our whole team was a bit mistified by this, we thought we’d done a lot better, guess we weren’t watching the other heat as well. (p.s. we’re STL-Eddie)

1 Mile Run (Males & Females each)
100 Pullups
200 Hand release pushups
500 Air squats
1 Mile Run (Males & Females each)

This workout resembled the first workout from the games 2011, with the swim and the run and the pullups and squats into another run. The way this one worked each team member had to run at least 400m and each gender had to run the full mile, so I could’ve run 400m and then my partner could’ve run 1200m. We decided to split it into 4-400m sprints so at least one of us would’ve had rest before going into the pullups. The rest was by team and only one person could work at a time.

We were the first team to finish the runs, what we didn’t realize is that no matter how fast you run, if the other teammate running is behind you, you can’t start the next part. Me and my partner smoked the first run, but ended up waiting. It didn’t bite us, but it was definitely an oversight. If you’re a numbers person you’ve probably figured out this balances out to 25 pullups, 50 pushups, and 125 air squats per person. For the most part that’s the way it worked out until the air squats. The movement standard for these was to a med ball, I’m 6’2″ and a med ball sits maybe 12 inches off the ground. That’s a looonnnggg way to go. I can squat, don’t get me wrong, my back squat has pretty great depth, but not med ball depth. I definitely fell behind here, I was doing sets of 10 or 15 to my teammates 15-20 if not a bit more. We broke up the second run same as the first, I was running the 2nd and 4th block. We came in first after 400m, we didn’t give up that lead. Finished in 26:59 (cap was 30:00), the 2nd team finished just a bit behind us, about 27:10. The 2nd heat was tense, 2 other teams came in right around 27:20. At the end of the day here’s how things stood.

We won by 1/2 a point! To sum up the day of firsts, first competition, first PR in a competition, and came in first.

Now all thats left is to shower, eat, and watch TV until this Crossfit buzz wears off; but I hope it never does.

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