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Hey kiddies! I’m Dan. I pretend to be complicated but am actually quite simple. My life can be split into five main parts; nerdy things, exercise things, paleo things, music things, and everything else. This blog will reflect at least 4 of these categories on a daily basis. I was supposed to be a male model after high school but one day I was making faces and it got stuck that way…my dreams went to shit after that.

JK! Jesus this feels like a first date without any of the fun parts. I speak plainly and directly, to the point of often sounds like an asshole. If that might offend you, sorry I’m not sorry, it’s the internet – you’ll live. If you’re looking for a patient, nurturing person; keep looking. If you like reading about paleo, crossfit, olympic lifts, mobility, or share my taste in music – you’ll probably do great here.

I’m 25, been working out seriously for about 3 years. I’ve been doing Crossfit since July 2012 and haven’t looked back. I began my conversion to paleo around March 2012, I was pretty paleo before hand, mostly it required me to cut out dairy and the occasional bread. I don’t miss it at all; and pretty much couldn’t picture living any other way. Update as of mid 2013 I am no longer strict Paleo, though I still believe strongly in a Paleo/Whole Food template. I live in Saint Louis, it’s not my favorite place but I’ve found a niche here and I’m cool with that.

I decided February 2013 to persue Crossfit competitively, it’s been a crazy ride, but I’ve loved most of it and learned a ton about myself in the process. I finished 659th in the 2014 Open, and 1221st in the 2013 Open. The goal for next year is top 100.

I spend way too much money on exercise gear. It will come up frequently. RogueFitness, Under Armour, Amazon, it doesn’t matter, give me a URL and I’ll find a way to buy something related to fitness. The rest of my meager budget goes to food. Whole Food and I have a love/hate relationship, my body loves it, my bank account doesn’t. They’re trail mixes are the best. Fo’ serious.

I’m starting this blog with the goal of posting daily. I’m not sure if thats ambitious or not, but my goal is to give back to the amazing communities I’ve been borrowing from for the past 6 months.

Feel free to e-mail, tweet, or message the facebook page.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I dig it! I don’t do Crossfit, but a few of my friends do, and I have toooons of respect for the sport. Keep the posts coming!

    • Awesome! Thanks for stopping by – crossing my fingers for your successful conversion to weight romance

  2. Hey Dan,

    Cool site. I’m always thrilled to find paleo bloggers in St. Louis. I’m a cofounder of Primal Living STL on We’re almost 400 strong and one of the most active Meetup groups on the paleo lifestyle in the country. You should come join us. Joining is easy and we have tons of stuff going on throughout the year relevant to paleo, with an emphasis on social and community support.

    In April we’re planning a Paleo Trivia Night to raise money to buy a meat freezer and side of grassfed cow for a homeless shelter downtown. They get food donated, but it’s almost all junk and they rarely get meat. If you, as a paleo blogger and enthusiastic paleo eater, would like to join us in making this thing a success, I’d love to tell you more about it and how you can get involved.

    Have a great day, feller

  3. I follow you on Twitter (although I have been MIA on Twitter for a few months now…). I stumbled across your blog while looking for reviews for Progenex Force. I enjoy your style of writing and you seem to be pretty knowledgeable so I have subscribed to your glorious CrossFit blog. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the world. I am looking forward to reading more!

    – Fellow CrossFitter, Austin, TX

    • Awesome! Welcome to the blog!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and I have to say, I really enjoy your style of writing. Keep up the good work on both the blog, and in the box.

  5. I love your blog. Loved the write up on BCAAs you did and I bought the custom mix you wrote about from It was my dream mix also and I just found out they aren’t carrying leucine peptides anymore. Very sad! Any suggestions?

    • These are a good substitute – even almost preferable minus the convenience of not having them in a mix. BCAA

      • Thanks!

  6. Dan, have u looked at Biogensis by Proanox? Getting a lot of play on the CF Masters Facebook sites.. thanks, appreciate what u do. Grayson / Greensboro, NC

    • I just did a quick once over. The ingredients list is not that impressive, it’s basically just a list of buzz word extracts and super ingredients from the last 10 years. Resveratrol, CoQ10. I tried something similar, though much cheaper, a few years ago called Blue Gene and I liked it a lot. It certainly beats the $3.60 a day price tag of the Biogenesis. Though they’re clearly not identical products, if you believe the science behind these, its a viable alternative. The science on all of these is still years behind, so be careful with it. Likewise, any complete diet should help you get adequate amounts of these as well.

  7. Dan, I stumbled upon this blog and saw your pic. Then I said “Holy shit, that’s Dan xxxxx! Wait who is Dan xxxxx?” 🙂

    So a couple of things. One, I like your blog. I am going to start following it. Hope that is not weird.

    Two, I learned about crossfit from you…well sort of. I heard about it a while back and I knew that you did crossfit. I always wanted to talk to you about it…but…you never talk. Imagine my surprise today when I read all the words that I never heard. Anyways, I looked into crossfit because you seemed to love it (at least that is what I heard through the grapevine) and you were always eating extremely well. So…Dan… I FUCKIN’ LOVE CROSSFIT! I am still new at it (I started in Dec 2014) but my fitness is already at the next level. I also love Paleo, well paleo-ish. I have a few issues with full-on paleo, but paleo-ish is great. I suppose I owe you a “thank you” for semi-introducing me to the sport. I can’t wait until I get to the level that I want to be at! Like the 300lb deadlift club (I currently deadlift 245lbs).


  8. grizzly strong-
    I’ve been following your blog recently and got really interested in your discussions on progenex and true nutrition. So I finally got down to business and ordered 5lbs of custom protein consisting of 80% hydrolyzed whey and 20% pepto protein in truevanilla flavor and 500g of bCaAs. It. Just came in the mail today and was stoked and instantly dumped the two into a giant bowl and mixed it all together. Then I made a shake…. It tasted like absolute garbage. My guess is that in my haste I put way to much of the bitter bCaAs in proportionally. Can you put your smart mind to helping me solve this dilemma? I was thinking of ordering another 5lbs of whey isolate micro-filtered and stirring it in which should lessen the pisspoor flavor? What do you think? Thank you in advance for your help on this matter

    • Hey! That’s a ton of the pepto-pro, you really only need 5-10% of it, it is still very bitter. I would do some Hydrolzyed Whey, maybe with double flavoring and water it down some like you suggested. If you ordered 5lbs I would start by ordering an extra pound or two, rather than end up with an enormous quantity of protein.

  9. Hi Dan,

    Just wondered is you are still updating this site? If so would you be interested in reviewing our omega 3 fish oil?

    • Hey Andy,

      I do still keep all the content current. I would be happy to – can you email me the details, Thanks

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