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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, WOD

Crossfit Open 13.3 Efficiency Tips

Crossfit Open 13.3 Efficiency Tips

I didn’t know what Crossfit was last year during 12.4, I’ve never done Karen. Full disclosure is important, I have no idea what this workout will feel like. Well I have a pretty good idea 150 of anything will suck. All the more reason to stay efficient. I’ve watched about 10 of these videos so far this evening and I’m a little biased but these really do cover all the bases.

Outlaw Efficiency Tips

Here we have Rudy of Outlaw Way, Kstar, BMac, Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, Mike Bledsoe and Mike McGoldrick. That’s a LOT of knowledge to apply to a single workout, and there are ton of things they agree on. Let’s break it down into a list like last week – that went well.

  1. Before being efficient, have a strategy for the pace of the wall balls, similar to the burpees in 13.1, knowing yourself and your pace is crucial
  2. BE EFFICIENT! Though the load is light the volume will make you pay if you have some mobility issues – get a full set of squat mobility in
  3. A wider stance will let you catch the stretch reflex without squatting far below parallel, save your legs
  4. Keep a good front rack and a level head, the upright torso will save your shoulders and upper back.
  5. Rest your arms as much as possible, while you rest or dropping them between reps, find a cadence that works and stick with it
  6. 90 Double unders really aren’t that many – do them in as large of sets as possible, leave yourself some time for muscle ups
  7. Double unders are all about form, keep a good posture, organized feet, land on the balls of the feet and stay loose through the shoulders
  8. Muscle ups are won and lost at the hip, don’t try to pull yourself up, drive with the hips, that’s where the power will come from (trust me I taught Zach to do these today!)
  9. False grip is nice but don’t get caught on it – it’s not necessary and can even through people off from learning
  10. Drive up with the hips, pull the rings to your belly button and transfer as quickly as possible to the dip – Carl Paoli does a great job describing the importance of this, the drive with the hips can serve to get you all the way into the dip.
  11. BMac makes a great point about warming up – a proper warm up will serve you well.
  12. If all else fails – get McGoldrick to start yelling at you 10 wall balls in – it did wonders for Chris Moore

Good luck everyone! I’m shooting for 245. 5 Muscle ups! That’s aggressive but I like it that way. I’m thinking 7:00 Karen, 2:00 for DU’s, and a pretty realistic 3 minutes for 5 muscle ups, thats almost EMOM. At least I have a plan! What’s yours?

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