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Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, WOD

Crossfit Open 13.4 Efficiency Tips

Crossfit Open 13.4 Efficiency Tips

This section of efficiency tips is likely to be a pretty short one, a 7 minute workout does not leave much room for discussion. The strategy is really just to find a pace you can maintain for 6 minutes and then blow yourself out the last 60 seconds. I think the biggest key for this is not to go into it cold, the shortest workouts require the longest warmups. So I’ll spend a good amount of time on warmups.

Obviously when you get KStar, Diane Fu, BMac and Carl Paoli in the same space and give them something to talk about you’re going to get more than you bargained for. You could do this workout, twice, in the time it would take you to watch their video. Still tons of good info in there – I took notes.

A good deal of the tips I gathered for this have nothing to do with the workout itself but the minutes leading up to it. Mobility is going to play a huge piece of this, unlike 150 wall balls you cannot warm up into the movement, you start efficient and stay that way or you die out trying to force your way through it. Here’s what I would recommend from a soft tissue perspective.

  1. Smash the forearms, the black voodoo floss is great for this, lacrosse balls work okay, a barbell would also do pretty well
  2. Open up the shoulder, focus on external rotation, some banded stretches are good but also focus on soft tissue; get a lacrosse ball through the trap and scapulas. Get a solid 5 minutes on the t-spine with a ball or a roller. Get another 5 minutes on the lats with the roller or a barbell. Focus on mobilizing in those good positions of the toes to bar, vertical torso, full external rotation pulling the elbow to the ear.
  3. Don’t neglect the lower body, being restricted through the clean will cost you dearly, open up the hips, and ankles for the dip/drive of the jerk and also the receiving position of the clean.
  4. Get your front rack nice and loose, you’re going to spend roughly half this workout in that position, and if you can save time by keeping your grip in the front rack you should

Efficiency Tips

  1. On the clean, knees out will allow you to keep a more vertical torso which will save your lower back, keep the bar close, the temptation when moving fast is to let it float out in front
  2. Avoid a high-hip position, that creates a disadvantage from a lever perspective and not loading the hamstring/glute structure properly, use those big muscles and save the quads.
  3. Don’t pull early, bring the bar all the way to the hip or high-thigh and don’t pull with the arms, let your hips do the work, the arms should simply be guiding the bar into the front rack
  4. Use a hook grip – save your grip strength for the t2b
  5. Don’t press the jerk, bend the knees, drive through the hips and dive under it to lock out
  6. On the toes to bar, focus on good external rotation and head position in the toes to bar, get some superman/hollow rock practice.
  7. Don’t try to do something you’ve never practiced. If you do a full pike t2b, do those, if you bend at the knee and flick the bar, do that.

That’s all I got. Get a good warm up. Don’t fly out of the gate – let the intensity build, it’s better to be able to speed up the last 2 minutes than having to “hold on” for the last 2 minutes.

BONUS: Power cleans spine loading, keep strong, stay tight.

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