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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Faction Way 130208 (Traincation Day 1)

Faction Way 130208 (Traincation Day 1)

Grizzly nation – I must apologize for my hiatus from blogging – I’ve been keeping tabs on Twitter but I understand if you don’t follow me (@StrongGrizzly) you might be left in the dark. Those who read often will know that I usually take at least one day a week off from blogging, usually it lands on either a Thursday or Sunday because it’s easiest to skip. While this is mostly for my own sanity, not having to pass my every waking thought through the kaleidoscope of the internet hoping it reaches the other side with some semblance of reason is a welcome reprieve. Not to mention rationally, it makes sense to pick a day where no lifting occurred and likely no cooking occurred, to simply pass over. A little mystery is okay.

Now let’s get to the interesting bits, days like today I wish I had a great skill for the craft of the written word, or maybe more patience to hone thought into graceful prose rather than the stream of tongues that I produce on any given day. Unfortunately you’ll have to tolerate me until I hire a ghostwriter. Today I did something pretty out of character for an introvert like me. Not only did I decide to sign my fate as an athlete over to Mike Bledsoe, but I also decided to spend my first vacation weekend since November 2nd in Memphis, specifically at Faction Strength and Conditioning. First, I think its extremely important that a coach know his athlete, how I move, where I’m strong, and where I’m weak. This is something terribly difficult to grasp through the internet, it does a lot of things great, but this it does not. Second, I just fucking wanted to, I love knowledge and when it comes to crossfit, strength, conditioning, mobility, and general things that interest me, the Faction crew leaves very little to be desired.

I think the easiest way to recap the day is in photos. Packed up the house and hit a local coffee roaster to finish up some goal setting exercises..


photo 1

photo 2

Then I hit the road, directions and lunch; lunch was a pound of sliced turkey, 3 carrots and a bag of roasted almonds.




This is the part of the post where they play music and fade in and out of montage clips to pass the 4.5 hours of driving through the center of the country when nothing is going on. I stopped for gas once…that was really the most entertaining part. But then… I was there…the promised land!



Unfortunately in my excitement I didn’t take any pictures of anything interesting, I snapped these two before the lights got turned off – tomorrow’s a new day.

Today was also the first day I’ve purposefully skipped the Outlaw Way programming in nearly 4 months – instead I did a combination of ‘whatever Mike tells me to’ and the Weightlifting team WOD.

1RM Snatch – which turned into Power Snatch from low blocks up to a gross looking 165#
Heavy Clean – 215
Heavy Jerks – 215

5 Power Clean + Jerk @ 60%
10 Toes to Bar

4 + 1 Clean

-Rest 12 Minutes-

5 Power Clean + Jerk @ 60%
10 GHD Sit-ups

4 + 4 Sit-ups

I should note a couple of things first, the first work wasn’t really strength work, he just wanted to see how I moved, boy did he get an eye-ful. As I had suspected, my ankles/calves are going to be the majority of my efforts, I’ve got something setup with Doug tomorrow to really iron it out – for now it’s ankles, ankles, ankles. In any case, that left me power snatching from low blocks – but there was still a lot of room for coaching. The clean pull is a bit neater as the arms are in closer and I need less out of my ankles to get in a good first pull. At least I got that to the 2nd pull before the issues shook out – it’s all good though, improvements all around! Hey the jerk looked pretty good though!

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring – but I can’t sleep…I need to sleep…

Brought my own dinner though! Egg bake and some goat milk does a body good! Traincationing right!


MFS | 1-3-2

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