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Posted by on Feb 9, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, Strength Training

Faction Way 130209 (Traincation Day 2)

Faction Way 130209 (Traincation Day 2)

I don’t want to overstate my position here, but I often speak in hyperbole to make points. I think for once my hyperbole is warranted. Today is the most excited about my goals as I may have ever been. The stars are aligning, years of experimenting with workouts, eating, sleeping, supplements, trying to find that magic formula of sets and reps, that new exercise that would shoot me through. They’ve all lead me to here, a position where I know clearly what I want, I’m aware of the things that stand in my way, and I have the tools to conquer and achieve. Not 20 minutes ago I finished a 90 minute meeting with ‘The’ Mike Bledsoe; I asked every question my weird OCD brain could come up with and he answered and addressed every single one, that alone is a good omen.

In addition to that perspective altering meeting, I also had a mobility assessment with Doug Larson. I’ve been to a PT and a Chiropractor before, and it was fine, they helped me through a couple things – but they’ve never really helped me improve in a really function/mechanistic sort of way. Nothing like the mobility screen that Doug put me through and made specific to crossfit and functional movement. Not only that, but there were areas I was vastly deficient that I didn’t even know I was deficient in, literally mobility work that I’ve never done. That’s a first for me, I practically study Likewise, I’m finally certain not only of where my issues are, but how much of an issue I have – for instance my shoulders, a week ago I would’ve told you that they need work, today I learned they probably don’t. At most they need minimal maintenance to avoid pain but are likely functionally proficient. I’m going to urge everyone if they haven’t to take the time to seek out someone who can do this kind of assessment for you. If this was the only thing I did while I was here, it would still have been a successful traincation.

After my mobility assessment I rolled into some more Bledsoe curiosity training, which involved “Goats” – things you’re not good at. I worked to a 1RM thruster, something I’ve never done before. Then did ME kipping pullups, again something I’ve never tried. I learned some things about my front squat and some things about my kip that can improve. Double unders are another big goat of mine, turns out I might just be doing them wrong. It really wasn’t a super interesting training session, I didn’t even do any conditioning – but in terms of what I learned about myself, it was an unbeatable day.

I ruined CTP Cam for myself this week, I watched the whole process beginning to end, I even saw him film parts of it…Wednesday is going to be just that much less exciting. Then I got to eat lunch at the infamous Jason’s Deli with none other than Chris Moore and CTP – I have the tweet to prove it! Also, I can now confirm the Jason’s Deli salad is as epic as CTP promised. Then of course I just enough time for a shower and a quick brainstorm before heading out for my meeting with Mike. This day has been a blur. I even learned the rope climb ‘wrap’ (I use the ‘J’) from Mike McGoldrick. All in all it was an amazing day. I’m sure reading it is far less compelling than experiencing it, to most of you it probably sounds like an any-day crossfit day, for me it represents something far greater and perhaps that’s what most excites me, not the present but the future that this present represents.

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