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Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Finding 100%

Finding 100%

The polish is rubbing off the new programming, not that the programming is bad, or that I’m not liking it, I actually love it. The issue, as the title to this post hints at, is that I’m struggling, lately, to really ensure I’m putting in and getting the most out of the programming. When the “newness” of something wears off, you settle in, which can be a good thing, it produces consistency and patterns that make training successful and bearable. It can also hurt you when you need to get uncomfortable, and this past week had a lot more uncomfortable than I’m used to, and I didn’t flourish the way I’d hoped. This is the kind of place having a training partner, or partners really helps, the competition fosters this discomfort that is a good thing to practice. Sometimes I can look at the blog, see how people have done, and that helps me push, other times there’s no one to push me, and pushing yourself is probably one of the hardest skills Crossfit has to offer.

It’s also the reason I like to work things like the Airdyne so often, because you know how hard you’re working, and its easy to feel when you’re about to go too hard, what you can sustain and what you can’t. The more time you spend flirting with that line, the more comfortable you become hanging out there, so teach yourself where it is.


“CTB Pace Test”
For time:
20 sets of 5 Unbroken CTB Pull-ups
19+4 in 10:00 (10:02)

3 sets @ All-Out Effort:
250m Row
15 Burpees
25 Kettlebell Swings @ 2pd
15 Burpees
250m Row

rest 12 minutes between sets

“Hour of Power”
For Max Distance:
60 minute Row

Airdyne :30/:30 x 24


B. 3-Position Pause Back Squat; 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 3 minutes
185, 195, 205, 215, 215

For time:
1 Mile Run

Airdyne :30/:30 x 26


Time to digest the week, we did a ton of testing last week, some good, some bad. Monday I revisited the “CTB Pace Test” which is 20 sets of 5 reps for time, last time it was programmed there was a 12 minute time cap, this time there was a 10 minute cap. Since I did it in 11:38 last time, the 10 minute cap was concerning. I tried to pace it out doing 5’s roughly every :30, fell off a little towards the end, was really disappointed not to hit all 100, but this was still almost a 2 minute improvement which I’ll take gladly. Tuesday was a classic OPT test rewired, the original goes 250m row, 15 KBS, 25 Burpee, 15 KBS, 250m row. This one was supposedly harder, and I definitely believe it. The soreness from Monday’s work didn’t help either. I was very pleased with my first round, and very destroyed by my last round, adding over a minute to this is pretty nuts, but thats what you get when you make a tall guy do burpees. On the other side of the coin, when you let a tall guy row, that’s where the magic happens. The “Hour of Power” was an interesting test, far more fatiguing mentally than physically. This is one of the great examples of where I had trouble figuring out where 100% effort was. Though I never want to test this again.

Thursday, like all of my rest days, was Airdyne day! You’ll have to pry my Airdyne from my cold, sweaty, dead fingers. Friday was a very strange day, probably the strangest training day I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been around the block a few times, I generally have a good idea for where I’ll end up on things. You tell me to 5×5 back squat and I know I’ll be around 285. But you tell me to do a 30X1 tempo squat with 3 pauses on the way back up for 5×5, and clearly I’m lost. Then suddenly I’m squatting like a baby deer trying to figure out how it’s legs work. Needless to say struggling 5 squats at 215 is humbling. Saturday was a more pleasing day, some good olympic drills, good strength work, and even some legless rope climbs. The mile run was the hour row in a condensed form, the first 800 I had to keep asking myself, “Am I going fast enough, but slow enough to not burn out?” That’s the last place I want to be when testing, you want to know you’re doing it exactly as hard as you can be, you want to know that when you finish the effort, you couldn’t have done a meter more. I did not do this well, which is why I ran a 6:46 when I should be around 6:10. Unlike the hour of power, I cannot wait to retest this one.



Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Meal prep or die! Just kidding, but wow do I love this habit, and eating; mostly eating.

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