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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant

Goals + Deadline = Back on Track

Goals + Deadline = Back on Track

A twitter friend by the name of @leigh0711 dropped this knowledge bomb on me this morning. Truthfully there’s not a lot of magic here. A lot of people will feel abnormal in the coming week, post food binge, eating what they aren’t used to, perhaps stopping or limiting exercise or normal healthy activity, drinking too much and sleeping too little. I myself feel a little “unhinged” mostly because I can’t lift any weight – but nonetheless, getting back on track can be a hard thing to do. So here’s the formula, set a goal and give it a deadline. For me this has two forms, the #100kholidayrow which I started on the 22nd, and the 4 week sugar detox which starts tomorrow. Both have very clear purposes and both have very clear deadlines. The only issue I can see is that it’s all up to me, and this blog, to keep me honest. That’s part of the reason I take pictures of my erg after I get off, no cheating here! So if you feel a little askew this morning, set a goal with a deadline and keep yourself on track.

LPT: They always start at zero

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  1. Awesome idea. I need to do something to get my diet back on track. Can’t wait to see how it all goes!

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