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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Paleo Lifestyle

Grizzly Goes A Wanderin’

Grizzly Goes A Wanderin’

That’s right – I’m traveling today. First question answered – I scheduled this post to go out this morning while I was on a plane – boom! Technology! Daft Punk I owe you guys one. Wednesday I wrote my Grizzly Guide to Paleo, and in that post I mention that if you travel quite a bit Paleo might not be the best option for you. While this is semi-true as it limits your ability to cook for yourself, its not entirely true. I guess I lied. The thing is, the less you cook, the more you buy, the more you buy the less money you have for awesome mobility tools and WOD shorts; ergo, the more you cook the more badass you are. But if you’re really dedicated to it – the sky’s the limit.

One of my favorite resources for Paleo on the go, is OPENutrition, she does seminars in boxes all over the country, and is great about posting the pictures of her road meals on facebook. And before you ask, yes I look at pictures of what people eat on facebook – I’m weird, but it gets me great ideas for food. Let’s break down travel food by category.

This will depend on what’s available to you; airports and grocery stores are very different places.

  • Canned salmon, salmon scraps, smoked salmon
  • Jerky, lots of jerky, different kinds of jerky
  • Sausages tend to travel very well, less than 12 hrs


  • This one is tough, really veggie sticks, or prepackaged salad are about the only option, fruit travels well but some people don’t eat a ton of fruit, that said, dried fruits travel very well and can be mixed with nuts
  • Your best option is to wait until you can get to a store that can get you something fresher

Nuts & Seeds

  • This category is like jerky, it’s easy, stupid easy, jerky, nuts, dried fruit…great paleo road food
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Steve’s Paleo Kits (the MRE has gotten me through some tough times in airport layovers)


  • This one is a gray one, most bars are more processed than true Paleo followers would like
  • Tanka bars
  • LaraBar
  • Both of these are acceptible options, and a quick google search will reveal more companies, I tend to avoid these kinds of foods but if you have to it’s better than fast food

If you’re going to be somewhere for awhile, for instance in July I was in Chicago for a week, the first thing I did was locate my nearest Whole Foods (it was only a few blocks away!) and I bought some staples. The best part – I could charge it all to my work. I stocked up on some trail mix, some jerky, some veggies that I threw in my mini-fridge, and some tea. Better yet, if you’ll have a kitchen, it’s like you’re at home, nothing special go to the store and buy some staples for your stay; don’t forget the bacon!

Part two of this post I want to dedicate to activity & mobility, if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere you can drop-in to a box and get a workout, great! If not, you’re probably going nuts. Well I would be. Depending on the equipment available to you Traveling WOD, does a great job with simple movements. The toughest part, if you’re like me, might not be finding ways to keep active, but finding ways to keep loose and cope with sitting. I stand at work, and sit very little – because it’s awful for you. But it’s hard to stand on a plane, or in a car – so its a necessary evil, what’s important is how you fight back. Easy enough is to take walks, as often as you can get up and move, lunges, air squats, simple stretches can be great. Depending on your packing room, I would try and squeeze in at least a lacrosse ball and a mobility band; if you can a grid foam roller is hollow so can be packed pretty easily, I never leave mine at home. Also, this is a bit more adventurous, but I love voodoo floss, it’s done wonders for my patellar tendon and medial epicondyle, so I’ll throw that in as well. By my count that’s four things that turn any hotel rom into a mobility seminar.

It does no good if you just leave them in your bag though. Get after it, fight those impinged joints and movement inefficiencies! You’ll thank yourself next time OHS’s are on the menu.

Stay Hungry. Stay Loose. Travel Grizzly Style.

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