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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Master, Music, Music and Rants

Grizzly Jams: Vol IX

Grizzly Jams: Vol IX

A few things before we get to some fresh jams. First, I’m in a good mood because someone actually googled “Grizzly Strong” and got to this site, which sounds dumb but it’s kind of awesome, and much better than the two other search terms I got; “no nut november” and “I’m a self conscious over thinker.” I guess I have mostly myself to blame for that last one…and the first one. Luckily my good mood from yesterday has carried over nicely, and I actually woke up this morning instead of the hazy stupor I was in most of the day yesterday. In other news, my right knee hurts…not a lot and not all the time, just a twinge, I’m hoping it just goes away; I’d hate to have to take time off but I’d rather take 2 weeks off than replace a knee. Enough of that, music time.

That should do it for now. Happy WOD’ing!


    • Glad you like it – always more where that came from!

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