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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Music, Music and Rants

Grizzly Jams: Vol. V

Grizzly Jams: Vol. V

It’s been awhile since my last Grizzly Jams. Usually by Wednesday I need some extra motivation, not necessarily to get to my box, but just to be a productive member of society. It’s already 8:00 AM and I haven’t even made lunch yet, I basically moved from my bed to my it’s been a good morning. I blame Sportscenter, its just so much information packed in an hour long show, even when it starts repeating, I don’t even care – sure beats FoxNews. Plus I can say things like; “Oh man Germany really fell apart in their World Cup Qualifier, the Swedes dismantled them” – I’m Swedish, we don’t win anything, gotta take the wins where we can. I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on this section in particular so I’ll try and keep the bar high.

Annnd time for Wednesday…

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