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Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Strength Training

Grizzly Way 130211 (Full Tank)

Grizzly Way 130211 (Full Tank)

I’m seriously starting to regret not taking more writing classes in school. I finally have a decent amount of emotionally charged things to speak about and can’t seem to find the words to do it appropriately. I’ve hit a moment of clarity lately, the bermuda triangle so to speak, of preparedness, opportunity, and will. I’ve spoken of this feeling quite a few times over the last three days. Rare is the chance to ride this wave, the prospect of the next 14 months is beyond exciting.


Hang Snatch 3RM; 2 x 3 @ 90% of 3RM 130; 115

Back Squat 5RM; 4 x 5 @ 90% 275; 245
Weighted CTB Pullup 1RM 25
Weighted Pullup 5RM, COVP 30

3 Rounds:
Max Pullups (kipping) 12;13;9
250m Row
rest 90 sec between rounds 7:29:00

New programming always takes awhile to settle into, back in the muscle and fitness days every time I decided to throw in a new “[insert body part]-Blaster.” It took at least a week to really feel comfortable pushing yourself. That’s definitely something I need to get better at. Especially considering Crossfit competitions don’t let you practice the week before, you have to give 100% at the moment, every moment. The mobility consultation is already helping big time, sure I still spend 30-45 minutes warming up, but at least I know its not wasted, and snatching today felt pretty fantastic in ways it almost never does. The mobility work is going to be a long road, but as long as there’s steady progress it should be easy to maintain.

The strangest part of the new programming is establishing a max and then immediately working off it. I liked it, but I also found it a bit taxing, it made me want to sandbag the real max a little just so I know I could hit the rest of the work. The snatch 2nd pull and even the bottom of the receiving position felt pretty great, my issue today was the overhead stability. Last Tuesday we did a ton of toes-to-bar, then Friday I did more, Saturday I did a good amount of work on my pull-up, Sunday I did “Helen” which had even more pull-ups. That’s a lot of volume for my shoulders, especially with the weird positions I put myself in trying to squeeze out toes-to-bar. I loaded up on fish oil, iced my knee and my shoulder, and I’m hoping some rest will keep me in the game. I’ve also started snatching with my toes on a line to avoid my bad habit of jumping forward, it helps me keep the weight on my heels and not land on my toes.

Squatting always makes me happy, my knees aren’t the happiest, but psychologically it feels great. I worked up at 275×5; then jumped down to 245 for four set of five. In my head I was trying to hit 300×5 then work 270×5 but like I said, there’s definitely a psychological component that I need to work past. It’s deceptively easy to hit yourself in the balls while kipping a weighted pull-up, that definitely took the wind out of my sail. I did a little better with the set of 5. The conditioning is very different from Outlaw work, which is great, because me and Outlaw have very different goals at the moment. My goal is to lift heavy, eat a ton, and sleep for the rest of the day.


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