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Posted by on Feb 16, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130215 (Belated)

Grizzly Way 130215 (Belated)

Grizzly nation, so sorry to have kept you waiting on your toes for yesterday’s workout. Friday was a pretty cool day, I’ll hash out the details in a second, suffice to say I got majorly distracted yesterday evening and totally forgot that I blog about things sometimes. In any case, yesterday started off like most good days, especially Friday’s with my double black eye and coconut oil. I didn’t feel like cooking Friday morning so I went for the rotisserie turkey breast, carrots and raw almonds lunch; one of my favorite grocery store grabs. Somehow the afternoon just evaporated into nothing, before I could think about it the clock read 3:00 and it was time to train. It being Friday, 60 degrees out, and on my way to the gym I was feeling pretty good, windows down, music goin’. That is until about 5 minutes from the box where I had a run in with one of Saint Louis’ finest…46 in a 35. Amazingly enough it didn’t dampen my spirits at all, and still hasn’t – in my mind that’s a mental victory, old Dan would not have handled that well.





Power Snatch, blocks 1RM 155
Power Clean + Jerk 1RM 215
Front Squat 5RM; 2 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM 205; 185
8 Rounds:
1 Muscle Up
4 KB Swings (70#)
8 Box Jumps (30″) 10:00:00

I was pretty keyed up for the Power Snatch, Power Clean + Jerk work. I didn’t used to do a lot of power variations and it shows. The snatch especially was pretty…unruly we’ll call it. Pulling off blocks is at least way better for my technique, but there’s still a very large disconnect off the hips sending the bar very far in front of me, and again not really even making an effort to pull under it. For some reason, in my head power means don’t bend your knees, which is obviously not how its intended. As soon I work through some of those blocks there should be some pretty marked improvements. The power clean is similar, a little less so simply because my positions are a bit better. Both completed lifts are lower than the same work from Tuesday, I tried to push passed what I did on Tuesday so a lot of effort went into missed reps, something that I know Mike would be unhappy about.

Front squats felt better than I thought they would given the state of my knee these days, I was able to work up to 215×5 and tried 225 but only got through 3. I’m starting to really like working to relative maxes and then using that to complete the rep scheme. It was strange at first but is a really novel way of assessing good days and bad.

The conditioning work was a blast, I’m loving these 8 round workouts constantly moving from movement to movement so you’re never stuck doing 30 box jumps or 40 pull-ups. The box jumps were easily the slowest part of this and my knee started to give me trouble if I let the landing go a bit soft, knee pain is a funny thing. It’s terrible, it shakes your confidence and distracts you from movements, but its also a great way of calling you out on poor form especially in placed you didn’t know you had it, like a box jump. Moving pain free means I’m doing a movement properly, supporting structures that are meant to be supported, using joints in directions they’re meant to go in, etc.



MFS | 2-5-5

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