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Posted by on Feb 16, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130216 (First Week Thoughts)

Grizzly Way 130216 (First Week Thoughts)

Today is the end of the first week, 5 days, of my individualized training program and coaching from Mike Bledsoe out of Faction Strength & Conditioning. Obviously 5 days isn’t really enough time to assess much, though I got a pretty good feel for what’s in store for the months ahead. What I was surprised by is the amount I’ve learned about myself, how I move, why I move that way, and how it’s holding me back. I’m not breaking PR’s or surprising myself in any real measurable, work capacity kind of way, though I’m sure those days are coming; but any knowledge you can gain about yourself is good. In general I’d think my mood over the last 7 days has been better than average as well, in with the good, out with the bad.

Not much to talk about so far today as it’s not even really half over. My resting heart rate was high this morning, which usually indicated under-recovery or poor rest, I think a nap might be in store in a few minutes here. I don’t like keeping my body in a stressed out state, it should be calm and focused on my goals, just like my mind. Busted out some classy jams this morning during some mobility – pretty sure my dentist had other plans when he told me I should be flossing everyday.




Hang Clean 10RM 135;
Alternate bench and row
Bench Press 5RM; 2 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM 215; 195
Barbell Row 5RM; 2 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM 215; 195
3 x 200m Sprint; rest 90 sec

As soon as I saw that 10RM hang clean on Sunday night, I knew it wasn’t going to be fun. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t even mentally something that you could get over. “Oh tell yourself it’ll suck and it will, tell yourself it wont’ and it won’t.” No – none of that. You can placate your mind with whatever platitudes you want, 10RM ANYTHING is going to suck. In he world of weightlifting, a set of 10 is basically cardio, 3’s and 5’s people 3’s and 5’s! In any case, I warmed up at 95#, did 115#, then 135#, then tried 145# and failed around 6. After the front squats last night, standing up with it was actually the hardest part, I was sure I would lose my hip drive first. The funny part is that I could easily do 185# power cleans, as soon as you make that front squat happen though…it gets messy.

Benching and Rowing – no problems there, those are my wheelhouse. I mean not really, long arms and a big torso make the levers a little difficult but still – I don’t mind work like this, especially alternating sets of 5, I could do that kind of work for days. In fact I used to, and I told myself it was a workout. Hah…pre-Crossfit notions always amuse me.

Again my conditioning work was really pretty minimal, which is great in the sense that conditioning is always going to subtract from strength goals and right now I have a lot of strength goals and very few conditioning goals. Good times.


The best part of today so far was the cooldown, I got home and let the dogs loose for 15 minutes and ran around with them like a small child at a petting zoo and it was the greatest thing I’ve done all week. I
think they liked it too since they’ve both been asleep since…so lazy.


MFS | 1-7-4

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