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Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130219 (Old Demons)

Grizzly Way 130219 (Old Demons)

Remember that knee pain that was totally absent after my squats yesterday that had me feeling amazing? Well…it’s back. Given the separation from yesterday’s work I’m going to blame it on one of three things, tight quads from squats pulling on the patella and knee cap, the power variants that I do on Tuesdays, and push press instability. I talked a bit about this yesterday but my power variations finish quite disorganized and I fall back into old habits of soft feet and valgus knees. That and the dip + drive from jerks and push presses aren’t great. My dip is pretty exaggerated which put a lot of pressure forward on the foot and on the knee. Given its only my right knee that would point pretty heavily to my jerk as the issue. If I could get someone to yell “stay on your heels” and “knees out” the whole time I’m at the gym, I might pay them minimum wage…maybe..


This is my bosses version of “healthy food” – oh look 52g of carbs in the middle of the day, what a great feeling that must give you. So nutritious all 240 calories keep me going all day! 15g of protein?? That’s huge, I only need to eat 15 of these to meet my protein requirements of the day. I’m not even sure how they squeezed 20g of sugar into a lunch baffles me. Let’s hope this shit is on it’s way out.


Power Snatch, blocks 1RM, go for 160 165 miss x2
Power Clean + Jerk 1RM, go for 230 235 ugly
Press 5RM; 2 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM 135; 125 (140×4)
Push Press 5RM; 2 x 5 @ 90% 175; 155 (180×4)
EMOM 20 min:
Odd: Max clapping pushups in 10 sec 78
Even: 5 GHD Situps

This took me three tries and really wasn’t that pretty. Ridiculous amount of forward travel, and a half moon style bar path off my hip. Almost no drop under the bar means I have vast room for improvement.

Ignore my left leg, I’m not sure what it was doing. Again moving forwards onto my toes, wonder where this knee pain is coming from…The bar path actually looked pretty decent until I let it pull me forwards. Again didn’t drop very much under the bar, room for extra weight there. Came forward massively on my toes with the dip on the jerk – Seeing light under my heels…bad news bears. Also, ignore the part where I press out of the jerk. Given that 240 is my max jerk, 235 was decent.

I swear on these power variants it’s like I’ve forgotten entirely what to do passed the hip. Likewise, the fact that my power snatch and power clean are both at my max snatch and clean is kind of disgusting. As in, I’m disgusted with myself for being that kind of person, so Crossfit. Still convincing myself that clearing up my ankles will allow some of the mechanical advantages to push these numbers higher.

Stalled out on both the strict press and the push press, hitting 4 reps in a 5RM is super rough. That’ll take the wind out of your sails in no time. Mike told me to try and shoot for 5 pound jumps from week to week. So I either did really well last week, or didn’t make much progress, my weight is the same so it could be argued that I’m actually not making progress, luckily brinner rang tonight and it wanted to add 2 pounds to the scale tomorrow.


Clapping push-ups might actually be worse than hand release ones. Really loving the new conditioning work lately. Friday is going to destroy me, can’t wait.


MFS | 4-4-6

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  1. Dan – I’m really enjoying following you along your journey here. I appreciate your honesty and conviction – it reminds me that I’m not the only one struggling to make progress. I was listening to Jon North’s radio show recently and he and Coach Pendlay mentioned something about progressing to higher weights that made a lot of sense. They noted that progress doesn’t always happen linearly. Especially for folks who are more experienced (not me) – the time of constant, (sometimes) weekly increases passes and PRs come in a more stepwise fashion. With periods of no apparent progress followed by little spikes in progress. I suspect that during those flat periods we are improving our form and building our base strength and then when those elements click together – we get a pop in our top weights.
    Just a thought. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you hit new levels.

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