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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Olympic Lifts, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130225 (Zombie Mode)

Grizzly Way 130225 (Zombie Mode)

Those of you who get up before the sun to workout, hats off. It’s not for me. Occasionally when I have late meetings at work the choice is to get up at 4:15 or not workout at all. Today the alarm went off and I set about my day. I’m not gonna play the martyr card for long, there are far worse fates, but it covers the week in a shroud of misery. Not to mention going to bed at 8:30 makes me feel like a Grandpa.


First I’ll fill you in on Sunday, nothing special but worth noting. Spent the day doing my best Cinderella impersonation – in other words I cleaned like I’d never cleaned before. All morning really, from about 7:00AM to 1:00PM. Then I finally ate and hit the box for my Sunday mobility hour. Not only does it feel great to do that much uninterrupted mobility, but it makes a world of difference come Monday. When you think about it, if you workout Saturday morning, even though you only have one rest day Sunday, and you workout in the afternoon Monday, that’s then greater than 48 hours of downtime. This is the reason why I like to take Thursday 100% off and do my mobility Sunday. It just makes more sense.


Hang Snatch 3RM; 2 x 3 @ 90% of 3RM 145; 130

Back Squat 5RM; 4 x 5 @ 90% 285; 255
Weighted CTB Pullup 1RM 10
Weighted Pullup 5RM, COVP 30 (35×4)

8 Rounds:
7 Deadlifts (225#)
3 Muscle Ups
Sub: 9 pullups 9 HR pushups 17:45:00

I was not clicking this morning. I might’ve been awake, I did the same mobility and the same warmup and all but I just wasn’t vibing. You’d think for someone who complained so much I’d have actually missed some weights, but I didn’t, it just felt much much harder than it should’ve, and at my current goal of accumulating strength (and weight) the weights should feel easier week to week, not harder. Hang snatches were a struggle. Back squats, and squats in general lately have felt quite good. Mobility + fish oil + quality food = great squats. In any case, I did manage to up that by 10 pounds this week, the sets were my no measure pretty or easy but I’ll take what I can get. My chest to bars and really all my bar, muscle up, pull-up work need more practice. I would’ve expected these two to have gone up some by now…questions for coach. I guess technically they’ve gone up 2 pounds, because I have.


The conditioning work today was very ambitious, my last successful muscle up WOD was separate 1 minute ME muscle ups in between other work. If memory serves I did 4, 2, 1, 1, 0. So while yes I could do 3, 8 rounds of 3 is a tall order. That being said it didn’t matter, I couldn’t even get one warming up, like I said I was not clicking at all. So I did what I’ll call “attempts” I grabbed the rings and did like I was doing a muscle up but only pulling as hard as I could without rolling over into the dip 3:1 ratio; then I did 3 hand release push-ups for each muscle up, so 9 attempts and 9 pushups. My lats were cooked but I could really feel myself developing a good muscle up rhythm. I’m not sure if Mike will be upset that I changed it or what he would’ve had me do.


The most troublesome portion of switching my workout is actually switching my eating. The way carb backloading works, early morning workouts change a lot and make it tough to do for only a day. I’m now delirious with hunger and feel like my body is going into shock; time to eat and sleep. Back to normal tomorrow!

MFS | 4-7-3


  1. What do you do for your mobility? That is something I really need to work on getting more into my routine. And I can’t do early WODs — my body doesn’t function like it does after work!

    • I will write you a post detailing my specific mobility routine, but it should be tailored to your specific restrictions

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