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Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130227 (Food Baby)

Grizzly Way 130227 (Food Baby)

I’m going to glance over the fact that my belly is once again fit to burst. I have a fairly good idea how what pregnant ladies feel like, but at least they’re growing new life; I’m merely fueling the one God gave me. I talk a lot of talk on Twitter and on this blog; I don’t think many would accuse me of not walking the walk, but I just want it in writing somewhere that when I say lift heavy, eat lots, and sleep your life away I speak from experience not from textbooks. There are a lot of good people out there doing the same, and they have a fuckload more experience than me. This week’s Barbell Shrugged as well as the guys personal Twitter accounts (@ChrisMooreXL, @DouglasELarson, @MichaelBledsoe, @CTP_Shrugged) are great sources of high quality strength and conditioning knowledge.

Another great article that came across my desk today was this one. Entitled “42 Things I Learned Leading up to 2013.” It’s a great and simple list of things that cannot be stressed enough. I agree with almost every single one of them. All except number 38, true friends don’t buy the “paleo” guy a beer… Take a look – you’ll definitely walk away with some nuggets and pearls.


Hang Clean 3RM; 2 x 3 @ 90% of 3RM 215 ugly
Clean Pull 3 x 3 @ 100% of Clean 1RM 250
3 box jumps max height between clean pulls 39″

5 sets, 90 sec between sets:
AMRAP 30 sec
GHD Situps 75

rest 10 min

5 sets, 90 sec between sets:
AMRAP 30 sec
Russian KB Swings (70#) 90

Something very strange happens with my upper back when I have load in front of me, specifically front squatting, thrusters, cleans. Anytime I front rack a weight, my upper back does this weird super-kyphotic thing that’s super annoying. I don’t even notice it happening nor do I really know how to fix it. Mike has seen it, he didn’t seem super concerned with it, so I’m trying not to be either. In any case, last week I did 205 for my 3RM, I tried once at 215 and failed immediately. This weeks goal was 215. My first set at 215 I failed on the 3rd rep for a dumb reason…unacceptable. So I took a nice rest and hit it again, as you can hear Jacob yelling at me, I wasn’t about to drop that one.

Wednesdays are pretty short all things considered, clean pulls, box jumps and some conditioning work. My focus on the clean pulls was a good starting position, hips down, bar close to my shins, back in good extension. The second concern was getting the bar cleanly passed my knees and really driving through my heals and into my hips on the 2nd pull. I think I did…okay. I’d be a fool to think I could fix everything in a day, but as long as I keep taking bite sized chunks I’ll consider it a victory. Focus on the improving not the failing. The box jumps were fun, I thought I was being aggressive but I pulled out the measuring tape and found out I did only an inch higher than last week. Then I went for a 1RM for giggles, turns out that’s about 43″ from a dead stop.

5×15 GHD sit-ups is a good way to ensure a headache and trouble moving tomorrow. I can’t wait to wake up and not being able to get out of bed. GHD sit-ups always do that to me, last time it was 3×20, so 5×15 should be just the ticket. I’ve never done Russian swings before, just the crossfit overhead swing. I’m not really sure what the cost/benefit breakdowns are but I think this had more to do with staying on my heels through the drive with the hips, something I’ve mentioned is a problem of mine, similar to jumping good mornings, the weight of the swing forces posterior loading making it impossible to rise to the toes. I should probably do sets of these between clean attempts.


Time to lay down and digest. 210 tomorrow morning? Follow me on twitter and I’ll let you know!

MFS | 2-6-7

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