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Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130305 (Dissonance)

Grizzly Way 130305 (Dissonance)

Dissonance is one of my favorite idea’s, from philosophy and psychology. Its a beautiful concept of incongruity, a cerebral “butting of heads.” Today I had a moment of clarity driving home from the gym. I tweeted “Reps within 90% of 1RM suck…rough day of barbell work. Goat milk mends all things. #goatlife” and in reply @ChrisMooreXL reminded me, “Practice practice, grizzle. Strength be a skill, ya heard?” This got me thinking, and I replied a little more eloquently than even I was ready for; “indeed good sir. The mind understands what the ego cannot grasp – resolving the dissonance is the goal.” This brings me to the crux of my most recent and ever-present problem. My rational mind, the one the writes these posts and dollops out advice like sour cream at a baked potato bar, can explain away poor lifts and even poor workouts as lack of sleep or an off day. My ego on the other hand, can’t take the failure, doesn’t handle the missed reps, bad form and poor workouts. Therein lies the dissonance, existing in the same mind, in the same physical brain are these conflicting, incongruent ideas – one side urging me to stop, to do what I can and move on; and another side screaming lift it again, light weight, and break PR’s.

As I said to Chris, the magic of this journey we’re all on, is resolving that dissonance. Striking the specific chord that resonantes with both the rational mind and the ego. This is something that needs to be worked at, trained, and nourished like any other skill; in fact it will likely be the hardest skill for anyone to master, but the rewards to be reaped and numerous and worth their weight in precious metals. My latest mission now is to recover the gap between my rational mind and my ego. What’s your goal?


Power Snatch, blocks 1RM 175
Power Clean + Jerk 1RM 235

Press 5RM 150
Banded Push Press 15RM, same weight as last week 105

EMOM 20 min:
Odd: Max Clapping Pushups in 10 sec 81
Even: Pro Agility Drill

No secret the weightlifting work wasn’t my favorite today. I’ve noticed that Tuesdays always seem to be a bit of a slump day and then Friday typically goes much better. Snatching was actually okay for once, my technique wasn’t spot on but it was’t awful either. Within 5# of a 1RM I set less than a week ago was pretty good for me. The clean work on the other hand was problematic. I warmed up pretty typically 135, 175, 205, 225 all went well without a hitch. I went for 245, pulled and cleaned it to my shoulders fine, but wasn’t getting under it at all, the bar would literally hit me across the shoulder and bounce to the floor. I felt a bit derpy. I dropped down to 235 and hit that first try, went back up to 245 and failed it again. At that point it was time to move on.


I hit a new 5RM on the press which felt good, much stronger than usual. Five pound jumps are about as hard as you can push week to week gains on upper body pressing, I tried 155# and failed on the 3rd rep, so that ended that. The banded push presses got me a good deal of attention today, mostly a couple people going “interesting…” I feel a bit stupid doing them, but my jerk has increased every week so far and my patellar pain is all but gone. Clearly there’s something working. The EMOM WOD went well, I beat my previous clapping pushup 10 round record of 78 by 3. The pro agility drill is still not my finest hour. I’m not really the most…agile, and its slippery on the gym rubber. Coach Jake was trying to give me pointers but I think it made me worse as I tried to over think such a simple drill. If this keeps coming up I’ll learn to improve eventually.


MFS | 3-4-3

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  1. You’re thinking your way through it. That’s puts you ahead of 95% of the mouth-breathers out there. Keep track of the lessons, but no, this missed lift shift never gets easier. You shoulda seen my squat tonight. A good reminder to self is always a good thing.

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