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Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130316 (Goats & Accountability)

Grizzly Way 130316 (Goats & Accountability)

When Mike and I first got together, he mentioned that it would take a good 2 months for my programming to really start “clicking” – that its a process of finding the low hanging fruit, and the types of work I respond best to, and pairing that with the athlete. I’m starting to see why he said that, last month, I was making progress at a faster pace than I had the previous 4-6 months doing regular Crossfit or Outlaw. That all kind of imploded last week. We finished that cycle and started what I’m guessing is Mike’s other version of programming. I’m not certain how to best describe it, but its a ton of gymnastics volume, skills and goat work, very little olympic work, and strength work in similar volume but in strange combinations. More on that in a bit.



1 Muscle Up EMOM for 12 min Lost after 9 still attempted 10-12
L-sit max time 22 sec

Power Snatch + Snatch x 8 @ ~ 80%; rest 60 sec 144
Dumbbell Row 6 x 6 – heavy; 30 sec rest between sides 80

8 Rounds:
7 GHD Situps
30 Double Unders unbroken 15:48:00

Towards the end of the last cycle I was convinced the weight I’d been gaining was preventing me from doing muscle ups, though I’d done them previously. This of course was stupid, unless I’d added straight 8 pounds of fat, that was an absurd conclusion. I just needed a day of practice and to shut my head up and to do some. Today I had that opportunity, I was supposed to do EMOM 12, but after 9 I was catching the dip too low and couldn’t quite press out of it. It was both invigorating to get them back, but frustrating when they weren’t working out towards the end. There’s been lots of that lately, increasing rounds of HSPU’s to failure, EMOM pistol work, it’s like Mike is trying to piss me off. I don’t blame him, I’m grateful to have someone program things for me that I would never program for myself. But still, this cycle blows.


My snatch felt like shit today. I really like the programming model that has me snatching or cleaning or both, everyday. Last cycle I would go snatch, power snatch + clean, clean, rest, power snatch and clean, snatch or clean. Everyday. That kind of constant practice, constant reinforcement helped me a ton. This cycle I’m down to 2 or 3 days a week, usually one or the other never both. If memory serves the last time I snatched was Monday or Tuesday. Justifiable then why it felt like crap. Still for the second time this week I’ve been told my OHS/Snatch position looks better, I’ll take that.

The conditioning work was a bit ambitious by my calculations. 30 UB DU’s is a lot for me, especially after all the box jumps yesterday, though my calves weren’t terribly sore. I need to start practicing these everyday, I finally got appropriately sized RX Rope Cables, hopefully I can start training with the thicker cable and really “feel” the rhythm of it. I had to switch to just 30 DU’s however I could get them, I did 30 unbroken the first 2 rounds, but was really struggling for sets of 10 after that. I’m thinking 3-5 minutes of ME DU’s at the start of every session this cycle – retest in April.


The more troubling issue with this cycle is that my appetite has been in the shits. Without the heavy barbell work and lots of olympic lifting, I end up feeling like I haven’t worked hard enough, and don’t need the same caloric intake. I find myself falling into old “carb-phobic” habits of meat and veggies with very little in the way of starchy carbs or recovery fuel. Granted so far I’ve been doing alright with it, but this doesn’t feel like progress. We’ll see now in the 2nd week if I’m able to sustain the same linear strength progression I had been before. At least I’m still getting my daily 64 oz. of goat milk in.

MFS | 2-4-3

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