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Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Product Reviews, Rant, Recovery, WOD

Grizzly Way 130322 (13.3 and Bear Formula)

Grizzly Way 130322 (13.3 and Bear Formula)

Lets do some chattering before I delve into 13.3 some new and interesting topics to discuss today. A week or so ago now I wrote this review about Progenex. The basis of my argument against the supplement are two fold; first, you can get the same ingredients cheaper, and second, I would much rather know exactly what I’m putting in my system, this means avoiding the proprietary blends and artificial sweeteners found in Progenex. My truenutrition solution was a bulk order of whey protein hydrolysate and unflavored BCAA’s.



My order arrived Wednesday evening, and tonight was my first full serving and chance to taste it. The first major concern was the bitterness; whey protein hydrolysate can be extremely bitter, though the natural chocolate and stevia actually leave it tasting more like dark chocolate, the bitterness is far from overwhelming. This of course was good news as I’m going to be drinking it for the next 15 weeks. The second concerns I had was mixing my own BCAA into it, the easier solution would’ve been just to dose the BCAA 10g with every 2 scoops of whey protein. Live and learn. In any case it took a fair amount of mixing with a large wooden spoon but I finally got it looking prety well mixed up. 400g of (2:1:1) BCAA for every 2.2kg of protein. Each serving now is 46g whey protein hydrolysate and 10.66g of BCAA – compare to Progenex “More Muscle.” I’ll take 75 servings over 60 servings for $30 cheaper, even if it doesn’t taste quite as good. Can’t comment on recovery or strength yet.




12 minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall balls 7:45:00
90 Double-unders 11:34:00
30 Muscle-ups 0

Whew – glad 13.3 is behind me. This was an interesting workout to watch different types of athletes do. There were of course some who were perfectly suited for it, well conditioned, on the taller side, and efficient at skill work. What is interesting is to see the people who aren’t as good at parts, shorter athletes who tire on wall balls, technical gymnasts who struggle with aerobic work, people who aren’t good at double unders. I had a perfect plan picked out – decent wall ball pace, aggressive but efficient double unders and enough time to rest and power through some muscle ups. If you include the 15 no-reps my wall ball pace was perfect, 7:45. I was shooting for 150 in 7:00. I actually moved to DU’s pretty quickly and got my first 20 without much hesitation. Thennn the wheels came off, I’ve never tried to jump with legs that “heavy.” That’s really the only way to describe it, they felt like normal double unders otherwise. I tried to stick to sets of 10, but it was really just a mess and I was just chipping away at the 90 in whatever sets I could get. They took me nearly double what I wanted them to – about 3:45. That left me just 30 seconds to run to the rings and try a muscle up. No surprise I didn’t quite get over the rings to catch the transition, shoulders just weren’t rested enough, another 20 seconds and I may have had it. 240 it is.


Now – I had a good chat with Mike today. You guys probably know by now my programming lately has been a bit strange, at least by my standards, we’ll call it different. I wrote Mike an e-mail more or less to that effect Monday and he said we’d revisit some programming things after today’s open workout. Mike’s apparently been working a lot with some programming ideas, tossing around new strategies as part of other projects and he came up with a few ideas that he seems pretty excited about – and I’m pretty excited for them too. My programming is going to start looking a lot more like a weightlifting program with a touch of Crossfit metcon and some light gymnastics and skill work. Its should be a lot more fun!

Gonna feel that Karen for a couple days probably.



  1. Looks like du alluded us both today. I thought I was good at them cause I usually blast thru them but I guess the du gods had a different plan for me (and you) today. Oh well…at least we’re done with it. Guess today was the day where shit hit the fan for us. meh, shit happens:) Next week…new game:)

  2. It’s been some time since you’ve used this mixture, do you have a follow up to how you’ve performed? I recently stumbled upon your blog and was interested if True Nutrition’s solution worked well for you.


    • I’m still working my way through it – the 100 some odd servings have lasted much longer than I anticipated. I should probably summarize my thoughts in a post eventually. Long story short – I’ve noticed no difference in my recovery or performance since the switch; it is at least as good as when I was taking Progenex. No noticeable differences, aside from the extra $ in my bank account.

      • Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about making my own month’s supply but it is good to know you feel it is just as good. Are you simply doing 1 (58g) serving each morning or multiple throughout the day?

        Thanks again.

        • The only time I see an advantage to taking liquid protein is during and after training, when the faster and more digested nature can be used to maximum gain. Not around this training window – whole food really is better. So I take 2 scoops with whole milk after training only, so once a day, 5-6 days a week.

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