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Posted by on Mar 24, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Recovery, WOD

Grizzly Way 130323 (Tweaks)

Grizzly Way 130323 (Tweaks)

Lots to discuss today, mostly because I didn’t post anything yesterday, but we’ll pretend that’s not the reason and that the real reason is how interesting and awesome I am. Yesterday was a struggle, as I’m sure many of you are aware; 13.3 and more or less “Karen” is a leg killer, and pretty much guaranteed DOMS. The simple facts are that there is no way of moving muscles that large for that many reps in under 12 minutes without incurring some kind of wrath. Saturday morning, we’ll call it 12 hours after my legs were pretty fried in a way I’m not used to, doing pure strength work doesn’t prepare you for the lactic demand and that deep muscular soreness that comes with high rep, low weight, moderate intensity movements (I saw moderate intensity because of the way I broke up the wall balls, 10×15). Moreover, no amount of low intensity rowing, PVC rolling, single unders, barbell warmups and light goblet squats could “unglue” me. As of right now it still hurts to stand up – but vastly improved since yesterday evening, hydration and low intensity rowing do wonders, and a large dose of Mg++ before bed didn’t hurt either.


Warmup A
Hang Power Snatch 1 x 3 @ 50%, 1 x 3 @ 65%, 2 x 2 x @ 70% 95: 115; 125
Behind the Neck Power Jerk 1 x 3 @ 50%, 1 x 3 @ 65%, 2 x 2 x @ 70% 135; 170; 185
Barbell Row 5 x 11 – 15 – 2 short of failure per set 135; 145; 145; 145; 145

10 Rounds: 17:47:00
6 Pullups
6 Toes to bar
6 Pushups

With this level of leg pain, that really bares no further description, the work yesterday really wasn’t that bad, it’s been awhile since I’ve snatched, so I’ll admit that felt pretty rusty, but the exaggerated warmup probably helped a lot. I’ve done behind the neck jerks exactly once before yesterday and I remember not liking them at all. I was concerned these would be met with similar fate, but I think my understanding of the mechanics of weightlifting has helped immensely. Undoubtedly the first time I tried these I was doing them wrong. Yesterday they felt so, so right. Jerking 185 felt like 135, I could’ve easily pushed far higher but resisted. The rows were interesting, trying to judge if you’re 2 reps from failure is not something I’m used to. Did 145 for 12 feel tough, yes, but would 145 for 14 have been failure?? Hard to say. I’m going to have to get better at judging this.

The conditioning work yesterday I’m going to call Satanic, not only because of the rep scheme but because anything involving pull-up bars is something I’m automatically not going to be great at. I don’t know why, could be grip strength, technique, upper body strength, or any combination therein but it wrecks me. My hands still hurt today from it, probably not the best sign. More practice!

The tagline for this post is “Tweaks” because Mike and I are starting to find a niche of programming that suites both of our goals. I say both of our goals because Mike’s goal is to make me as strong of an athlete as possible, and my goal is not to hate training; and if there’s anything that will do that faster than 2 hours of gymnastics work I don’t know what it is. I think you’ll notice a stark change in momentum training wise, the majority of the volume will focus on pretty “classic” weightlifting movements, followed by strength movements, with the majority of more Crossfit style gymnastics and skills falling within the conditioning work. We’ll see how it goes – assuming there are noticeable improvements in both strength and skill I see no reason not to ride this till I fall off.

You should also take note of the “Warmup” section. We’ve added a new page to my spreadsheet of fun times entitled “Warmups” which are listed A-K and will rotate based on whatever work is going on that day. I’m putting the word warmup in quotes because it’s really an entire weightlifting technique session that last anywhere from 30-45 minutes, so is far more than just a Burgener warmup you’d see in regular classes. It’s inspired by Justin Thacker’s warmup as featured on TechniqueWOD (I’m embedding part 1 of 4, great to watch all 4). The goal of this is three fold, first, yes to get warm for the work that day obviously; second, to work on targeted mobility within the structure of weightlifting movements; and third, to include more precise technique drills without training for 6 hours a day.


MFS | 2-6-9

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