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Posted by on Apr 7, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130406 (Unloading)

Grizzly Way 130406 (Unloading)

This week was another unloading week, as the fourth week of every cycle has been since I started with Mike. This cycle, unlike the first, was much more of a trial and error cycle, with some successes and some lessons learned. Mike like’s to call it “low hanging fruit” he’s searching for every bit of easy progress he can get before the real grind starts. He’s also still really getting an understanding of me as an athlete, what I can push through and what I can’t, he’s finding those boundaries so he can get me as close as possible to improve but never lose me over the edge. I’m probably more excited for this next round of programming than I have been for the previous two for a few reasons. First, the Open is over, no longer do I need to worry about what’s to come on Friday and how my training will need to fit around it. Second, we worked out a lot of kinks this cycle, tried some new things, and I learned a lot about myself as an athlete, things that I hope to carry into future cycles. Third, I’ve paid more attention to diet in this last cycle more so than just going through my Paleo motions; thinking more about actually fueling progress and taking steps to ensure my own success.

Here's to the Open

Here’s to the Open

A couple of you are also probably wondering why I disappeared for the better part of two days, the answer is pretty straightforward. Whiskey. I don’t think it’s any secret that my training is the first priority in my life, and has been for quite some time now. Normally when something threatens that relationship, it’s that outside third thing that has to change, not me and certainly not my training. There’s a fine line here, one that often gets blurred when speaking of healthy habits, training and diet in particular. It’s pretty easy to slip down the slope of obsession and call it dedication. It even looks a lot like dedication, but to an outside it looks a lot like addiction. On the list of people who should be preaching moderation I am literally last on the list, wherever it is, there is a picture of me at the bottom – I promise you. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the need for it. For that reason I force these interruptions on myself – some people might call it a social life. Drinks with Crossfit family on Friday night; a grand total of 3 whiskey’s and 6 hours of sleep – and I’m still alive, I still trained yesterday, and I’d probably do it agin. Success. But then I fell asleep at 4:00 pm after my first and only meal yesterday, and woke up this morning at 7:30 – more or less 15 hours of sleep.

Clear liquor is for rich women on diets

Clear liquor is for rich women on diets


Press 5RM 145 (150×4)
Barbell Walking Lunges 4 sets of 3/leg heavy 205; 215; 215; 215

Running clock, add 1 rep to each round:
Odd: Ring Dips 9 (6 of 10)
Even: Deadlift 225 14 (11 of 15)

For 6 hours of sleep and a not insignificant dehydrated/headache feeling yesterday was actually a pretty good session. I think getting in early helped, along with 32 oz of bulletproof coffee and 2 Aspirin. Nevertheless, I had a pretty solid mindset and it shows on paper. I would’ve liked to get my press up passed 150# but given the thruster/C2B complex not even 24 hours prior I think even getting 150×4 was okay. I’ve never done lunges that heavy, my ass hurt almost immediately. That’s a brand new demand on my glute, which is a feeling I don’t often encounter anymore. Certainly feeling those today. Capacity testing continued, this time with Ring Dips and Deadlifts. Looking at my spreadsheet it looks like there are about 11 more movements left to capacity test, so probably at least another week of metcon’s that look like this. Which I’m fine with, it’s actually a pretty great way to test. It feels a bit silly at first when you’re doing 1’s or 2’s but by 5’s and 6’s especially if it’s two movements that you’re decent at – that training accumulation builds quickly. Not to mention there’s really not a better metric for improvement – it’s hard to say you’ve improved if your work capacity doesn’t demonstrate it.

On a complete tangent. It’s a beautiful day here in Saint Louis so I’d better get outside for awhile before I start to think better of the idea…I run for fun about 3 times a year. Time to earn that vitamin D.

In a recent post (yea like 20 minutes ago if you’re really watching) I talked about accumulation. It’s really the name of the game, Malcolm Gladwell called it the “10,000 Hour Rule” basically that in order to reach expert, genius, or mastery level of some talent or skill you need to practice it for at least 10,000 hours – it’s the threshold of greatness. For the record, if you didn’t sleep or do anything else in a year, you still wouldn’t be at 10,000 hours. It’s a long damn time. Realistically it probably boils down to somewhere between 10-15 years of true dedication. This is the goal, it’s what we strive for. Mastery. Accumulate enough time in the bottom of a squat, pulling from blocks, doing double unders, being in a competitive mindset such that it’s no longer a challenge. It’s merely an expression of the time you’ve already spent mastering it.

To that end – I attended my first official Performance RX Kettle Bell clinic. If I were a gym owner there would be workshops like this every weekend and I’d encourage every non-Rich Froning member to attend. Accumulate knowledge folks, be a sponge, try to learn a new skill. The muscles responsible for the function of my mid back are on fire right now. I love that feeling of hitting a part you didn’t even know you were weak in. Not to mention the kettlebell front squat and goblet squat has done amazing things for my squatting technique and hip mobility. The physics of it are simple, the front loaded weight places a decreased burden on ankle mobility and allows for a more vertical shin while placing a greater demand on the mobility of the hip. Think someone with ankle problems might benefit from that? Absolutely. Not to mention the shoulder stability demands of an overhead kettle bell lock out, which is much narrower than a barbell or pull-up position. Go learn something new people!

Shattered my phone back - covered it in rocktape

Shattered my phone back – covered it in rocktape

So excuse me if I spend 30+ hours a week a the box, but these are only drops in the bucket. The fuller the bucket the better.

MFS | 1-5-7


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