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Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130423 (The Mobility Bubble)

Grizzly Way 130423 (The Mobility Bubble)

Tonight’s post is going to be a quick one. For one – I’m just tired and don’t have a lot to say for the middle of the week. Second, I wrote a fairly lengthy post earlier today that sucked up a good deal of my available prose for the day. Third, I have a deadline to meet Friday that isn’t going to finish itself. Believe it or not I have a real job outside of working out and doing mobility – though that would be a great job. L1 certs anyone?

I had a good chat with my mobility coach James today, every couple of weeks we get together and nerd out about all things mobility and occasionally diet and training philosophy – it’s always good to challenge your thoughts. Today we worked a bit on some trunk mobility as a method for ungluing some things up and down chain, turns out my trunk is a mess. My specific issues are neither here nor there, what was more intriguing was James’ concept of the mobility bubble. The idea is that over some course of time everyone fights some number of mobility demons, they might be many or few, and they might resolve quickly or more slowly. The crux of the issue needs to be the focus on the cause. If you’re sitting all day your hips will always be tight, if your dorsiflexion sucks it will transfer to knees and quads. You can work on those symptoms as much as you want but until you get through the bubble and obtain proper mechanics you’ll always been spinning your wheels. The good news is that on the other side of this bubble exists a magical land where you can do maintenance mobility work and targeted accessory warm-ups rather than brutal amounts of daily work. My point here is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel might be a different length for everyone, but there’s always an end.


Warmup D
Power Clean 2 @ 50%, 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 65%, 2 x 2 @ 70% 135; 155; 170; 185
Clean Deadlift 3 @ 80%, 3 @ 85%, 2 x 2 @ 90% 205; 220; 235
Press 5RM; 4 x 5 @ 90% of 5RM 155; 140

10 Rounds:
1 Muscle Ups
12 Pushups
18 KB Swings (70#)


I can’t remember the last time I cleaned above 80% – I don’t know exactly what Mike’s philosophy is on this, since I snatched heavy on Monday. I really kind of miss cleaning heavy, the way the power cleans and front squats have been feeling lately I feel poised to do really well on some heavy cleans if they ever just come down the pipe. Clean deadlifts are just regular deadlifts with the hips starting lower more like a clean rather than a deadlift. These really weren’t of much concern, my limbs are setup pretty advantageously for pulling, I can likely pull far more than I will ever be able to front squat up. The strict press today felt heavy early but actually loosened up as the weight climbed, the last 5RM I did got stuck at 150×4, so to hit 155×5 was pretty great, a 10 pound jump there is pretty solid for such a fickle lift.

At least once a week Mike has been throwing me into the dirt, with these really long abusive conditioning efforts. Last week it was muscle ups, pistols, and swings. This week it was muscle ups, pushups and swings. When you take the strict pressing, add 120 push-ups and 180 heavy swings and its pretty easy to see how smoked I feel right now. Luckily I’m pretty good at keeping the swing in my posterior chain, but the push-ups definitely took their toll, thats a shitload of volume. The better part is that I’m so distracted sucking my way through the longer efforts that I don’t even think about the muscle up, I just do it, which for me makes all the difference in not failing.

photo 3

Please accept this list of hilarious gym GIFs as penance for my lack of entertaining quips.


  1. Do you eat many nuts during the day?

    • I usually have a bit of almond butter around lunch time, but I try to get my fats from whole milk, coconut oil, fish oil, and grassfed ruminant

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