Grizzly Way 130427 (Hitting My Stride)

I talk a lot about research, and I do a lot of research and experimentation with myself and my training, but everything I do is based on some study somewhere. It might’ve been in rats, or on cyclists, or with only 5 people but I’m not just wandering out into a chemical store and giving everything a try. is a website dedicated to research, specifically those around supplements and nutrition. If you ever have a question about “does this work” or “should I try this” or “what will this do for me” – look it up and see. Maybe you’ll learn something along the way.



Warmup C
Snatch Deadlift 3 @ 70%, 3 x 3 @ 80% 125; 145
8 x 4 Front Squat @ 60% of 1RM, EMOM 185

4 Rounds:
30 Pushups
30 Walking Lunge

Today was the last high-volume day of this cycle, all of next week will be unloading. This cycle finally seemed to click for me. Obviously a lot of bricks have fallen into place in the diet and eating for performance side, but the programming and rest have done a ton as well. Let’s just recap the last 3 weeks.

Back Squat 340 –> 350
Front Squat 275 –> 305
Bench Press 230×5 –> 255×3
Overhead Squat ??? –> 215
Strict Press 150 –> 155

Call me crazy but that looks like an upward trajectory finally. I still have a lot more tinkering to do with my diet – specifically control days and the volume of carbohydrates during the backload. It seems that when I backload on a rest day the next day goes quite well, but when I backload on a training day, it doesn’t quite carry the same effect, meaning I need to figure out a way to squeeze more into my training day backloads. It might involve a pre-bed carb shake because more solid foods really don’t seem like a viable option – I’m already eating like a barn animal.

Today’s work illustrates my point pretty well. Snatch deadlifts are pretty light because my snatch is about 40% of my deadlift, so that’s not really ever going to feel as hard as it might, but the snatch grip certainly changes the dynamics of the bar path. What really got me more than I was expecting was the front squats, at 60% – you know you’re in trouble when 135 feels tough. I blame the thrusters yesterday. They probably weren’t the most beautiful front squats – but it’s been a good week so I’ll take the good with the bad. High rep sets of pushups are awful – there’s no worming, no extra big kip or another muscle group to activate instead, no there’s just you and failure; 10 becomes 6; becomes 3; becomes 2 – hopefully you’re done before it gets to singles. At least I had the walking lunges to rest in between, but those weren’t much of a rest.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some mobility and hulu to catch up on! Have a great weekend.

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