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Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Grizzly Way 130504 (Unloaded and Ready to Rest)

Grizzly Way 130504 (Unloaded and Ready to Rest)

My co-writers this afternoon are both passed out, I feel the need to join them coming very soon but I wanted to squeeze this post in first. To continue off my last post, and to finally figure out which of my friends reads this and which don’t. I mentioned I’m trying a new peri-workout drink for now it’s roughly as follows; 42g d-glucose (First Phorm “Ignition”), 21g BCAA (Scivation Xtend), 2g Beta-Alanine (generic), 10g creatine monohydrate (Cytosport). I try to make sure everything I undertake in the supplement department is well researched, or at least as well researched as things get in the supplement industry. I don’t make my decisions based on what a label says, I like to at least check and some pubmed articles before I throw down my cash. Usually this process involves passing it by Mike first as well, most of these changes have come directly from him.



Press 5RM
155; 160×3
Barbell Walking Lunges 4 sets of 3/leg heavy
225; 225; 235; 235

5 Rounds:
8 Clapping Pushups
8 Jump Lunges
8 GHD Situps

photo 2

Today’s volume was the lowest it’s been all week. Based on how much pressing has been going lately, I was actually expecting to do a bit better with the strict press today, but given how pure of a strength movement it is, it’s not concerning that it didn’t go up. I only just hit 155×5 a week or two ago, so even attempting 160 I think was a small victory. The lunges have been coming up a few times now this cycle, I think I started around 215, so hitting 235 for a couple sets today actually felt good, really feeling solid through that whole movement and getting power to drive out of the bottom of that split. These get me in the glute worse than anything else I do. Letting the back knee touch also has also been a good change so that I’m forced to develop all of that power from the front leg, similar to a hand-release pushup, not carrying any momentum out of that eccentric phase.

The conditioning today, as you can see, was pretty quick, they’ve all been pretty quickly lately. When Mike unloads he really is referring to conditioning volume. The weightlifting volume really doesn’t change all that much, mostly because you don’t need to back off of that nearly as much, and it helps to keep technique grooved.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I have a nap to get to.

photo 3

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