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Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130506 (Life Above 95%)

Grizzly Way 130506 (Life Above 95%)

I hate doing this, but I’m going to start this post off with an apology. I’m feeling pretty mentally and physically crushed right now and while I’m happy about today, and happy with my performance, I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to express myself properly for very long. Especially once the insulin spike I’m riding wears off, I better be near a bed, cause its time to crash, hard. I think my dogs understand this feeling better than most.




Warmup C
Snatch, blocks 60%, 70% 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 90%
105, 125, 145, 155, 165, 170, 165
Clean & Jerk 60%, 70% 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 90%
155, 185, 205, 220, 235, 250, 235
Front Squat 8 x 2 @ 80% of 1RM, EMOM
Snatch High Pull 4 x 2 @ 85%

Let me just start by saying, I am far from the best olympic lifter, by I think I’m slowly crossing the line over to proficient. I’m not the most mobile, fastest, or strongest but I have steadily improved these last 4 months and that, my friends, is the key. So long as I can improve steadily week to week, session to session then the hours and the toil are made worthwhile. As you can see coach Mike still has me snatching from short blocks, this started as a work around for poor ankle mobility, but as it’s improved I feel these are less and less necessary. I look forward to ridding myself of them soon.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked up to near maximal loads on the olympic lifts and frankly I was a bit nervous warming up for today. Typically the olympic lifts get a little shaky above 90% and become subject to good day/bad day scenarios. I guess I was having a pretty good day – of my 8 attempts above 90% I hit 6. I’ve also reached the point where the clean is the limiting movement on my clean and jerk…which is strange but somewhat satisfying. I hope my legs start getting stronger soon, my squats have been frustratingly stagnant lately. Speaking of which, the EMOM work crushed me today, I don’t know if it was motor patterning or just fatigue but I could not hit reverse directions in the bottom of my front squat without rounding my back to some degree. At some point you just have to be stronger.

Mike has taken on a new model for programming. Today was all weightlifting, 100%, no conditioning work. Tomorrow is 100% conditioning, no weightlifting at all. I’m not sure what this is supposed to accomplish but I’m on board. I don’t think he’d throw me to the wolves at this point. That doesn’t mean I’m excited for two metcons tomorrow, especially TTB “Fran” and some ridiculously high volume box jump/hand release pushups. I’m sure you all can’t wait to hear about it…probably about as much as I want to do it.


At least I eat well.

MFS | 2 – 5 – 5

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