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Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Grizzly Way 130508 (Skins On – Lights Out)

Grizzly Way 130508 (Skins On – Lights Out)

Wednesday is a great day, mostly because its Barbell Shrugged day, which means 90 minutes of pure entertainment and complete distraction from everything. It’s like your best friends coming to visit you at work – except maybe a little more perverted. Somehow this episode included a solid 10 minutes chatting about pubic hair; though the “vagina’s look like their owners” chat was a funny touch. As always – 100% worth the time investment, and actually a really great show with tons of strongman insights.



Power Snatch, blocks 2 @ 50%, 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 65%, 2 @ 70%, 1 @ 75%
95; 115; 125; 135; 145
2 Power Clean + 1 Power Jerk 50%, 60%, 65%, 70%
135; 160; 175; 190
Power Clean + Power Jerk 75%
Clean High Pull 3 @ 80%, 2 @ 85%, 2 x 2 @ 90%
215; 225; 235
Back Squat 8 x 1 @ 90% of 1RM, EMOM
Good Mornings 5 x 3 – heavy

I took a lot of video today, because it helps me figure out how I’m moving. I actually think things look pretty good for the most part. Not a terrible amount of nit-picking to be done. Things felt strong, and fast. The biggest concern I had for today was how the squats would feel, they seem to be a fair weather friend lately. If they’re good, they’re good and I can set some PR’s, if they’re bad, they feel awful and I cringe watching tape of them. But like I said they felt good today, and they look pretty good on tape too, strong back, good leg drive, big chest. They felt so good in fact that the 8 x 1 EMOM became a 12 x 1 EMOM, which is a decent amount of volume at 90%. The good mornings are a result of me telling Mike that I think my posterior chain needs work, so he’s throwing some more volume at it. I feel like my hamstrings are about to pop out of my legs – so I think I nailed these down to a good weight. My legs are fried, more than happy to take a rest day tomorrow; plus I need to go pick up more goat milk! #goatlife

Just spent $40 eating out with gym friends to get enough food in me, two bowls of green curry chicken and veggies and a strawberry, blueberry, coconut cream protein shake. This is why I have no social life, when it involves food I require way too much of it. Gonna sleep well tonight though.

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