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Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, Recovery

Grizzly Way 130510 (This is Why I Started Crossfit)

Grizzly Way 130510 (This is Why I Started Crossfit)

This is not going to be a very interesting post. If I had thought ahead I would’ve read something or outlines something educational or inspiring to write about; but I didn’t think ahead, and so all I have is my mediocre day. I’m not sure what the point of today’s programming was. Today felt more like an active recovery day, in fact it’s the picture perfect image of what an active recovery day should be.


These are airdynes – they were an all but extinct creature, the grey wolf of the fitness world, then Crossfit came around and people figured out that they’re actually beasts of metabolic conditioning. So now everyone with a 75 year old grandfather who exercises in the basement is sitting on a goldmine of 30 year old exercise technology. New airdynes will run you about $700. Used ones can run you significantly less, but far more than they used to be worth. I should buy one for home – nothing like airdyne intervals before breakfast.


30 min jog

Like I said – today wasn’t riveting. I was supposed to jog, it rained/is raining so I did 30 minutes of airdyne instead. 30 minutes of cardio – while refreshing on the joints and lungs did not feel like much of a workout. Workouts like this, specifically doing cardio like this, are the reason I started looking for new forms of fitness. For recovery is one thing, but today really felt more like an extra rest day. I should probably ask Mike about his logic, but I’m pretty sure he just wants me as fresh as possible for tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re going for 90% and 95% singles, as well as 1rm back squat. No pressure.

Two new developments. Tomorrow there is a fundraiser WOD for the Crossfit ICE (sister box to Crossfit STL) team that is going to regionals. I imagine this is to cover, travel, lodging, food, fun things like that. In any case there’s a bunch of food and some team workouts to be done, so I think tomorrow might be a double day. Looking forward to testing out my same-day recovery. Speaking of testing, I also got roped into my first RX competition team. My original plan for the 2014 season was to start with HOA in Nov. It still is, I don’t plan to be ready by August, or really change anything about my training. It’s mostly just to test the water, get some more experience, and have a little fun. It will be my first RX competition, but otherwise isn’t really that significant – I just want to have some fun, maybe score a free t-shirt or two. My point here is – getting experience, in whatever shape (team/individual/scaled/RX) is good.

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