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Posted by on May 18, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, Recovery

Grizzly Way 130518 (Just Disappointed)

Grizzly Way 130518 (Just Disappointed)

You know when parents tell their kids “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” I had one of those days. When David asked me yesterday about today’s work, I know it would go one of two ways, I would come in, lift well, and leave happy or come in, lift poorly, and leave similar to how I left last Saturday, frustrated and discouraged. What I did not imagine was the way it actually went.


Warmup C
Snatch, blocks 1RM; 3 attempts
Clean & Jerk 1RM; 3 attempts
Front Squat 1RM

I’ll get to the DNF’s in a moment. Before starting with Mike, the highest weight I’d ever squat snatched was 165 and that wasn’t even that pretty. In my first cycle with Mike we did a lot of power snatching, and I worked up to 180, also not pretty, but that was the number I’d been working all of my lifts off of. Today was the first time Mike has programmed a 1RM snatch for me since that first cycle; so I was a little keyed up for today. I’ve seen a lot of improvements in technique and mobility since then and I was eager to put them into practice. So first lets compare 185 to 180, a 5lb PR in it’s own right on any variant of the snatch. The bigger news here is going from the floor, 180 was from the blocks at my ankles, largely a compensation for my mobility to achieve a proper back angle and keep the bar from getting out in front of me. The most direct comparison would be 165 to 185, a 20 lb PR in the squat snatch from the floor, which is easily as much technique as it is strength. All of this being said, there is still a great deal to improve. I don’t pull from the floor often and that much is pretty obvious; though I’ve largely rectified the back angle issue, my upper back is no where near as tight as required.

Now we come to the interesting part of the day. High off the snatch PR, though a little pissed I didn’t quite get under 195, I started warming up the clean, 135 went well, 185 was tough the first go round but fine the second time so I moved up again. 235 pulled me forward, I caught the clean on my toes, rolled it back onto my heels to stand it up but the damage was done. I hit the jerk, dropped the bar and knew immediately I was in trouble. The lateral edge of my left patella on the tibial side was on fire, the worst knee pain I’ve had in months, since before my re-invigorated mobility campaign. The question was, could I walk it off or would it sideline me. I walked around, bounced through a couple air squats, laid down and tried to unload the system for a bit. I loaded 255 just in case but as soon as I went to pull it from the floor, the pain shot through my knee. Stil now 3 hours later its tender under flexion and extension. Here’s hoping I can shake this one off. What was strange is that it’s new, my left knee has never bothered me, only the right and never this badly – I’m hoping this is more acute than chronic.

My very first DNF…

Tomorrow’s extra curricular activity will be a nice little experiment in knee pain and freeing up slack around the patellar system. For now, it’s rest and compression, no ice though!

MFS | 8 – 4 – 4

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