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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130521 (Rehabbing)

Grizzly Way 130521 (Rehabbing)

I wrote a bit about my knee issue this weekend and it’s since not gone away on it’s own, a bit unfortunate but mostly to be expected. At the advice of my PT I’ve been working the following couple of mobs to try and free up some space in the knee joint and loosen up the quad and calf. These two are mostly focused on buying some slack for the joint, and keeping room for fluid to get in and out. The other activity that’s helped immensely is low intensity airdyne-ing, but really any low impact steady state leg motion would work.


Warmup D
Running clock, add 1 rep to each round:
Odd: Muscle Ups
3; 3 of 4
Even: KB Swings (70#)
20; 15 of 21

March Compare
3; 3 of 4
17; 15 of 18

In addition to rehabbing and my regular barbell warmups today was some more testing. Today is probably the most unbalanced couplet I have tested, these are about as far apart as efforts get. I did a total of 9 muscle ups and 225 KB swings. Though I think this is mostly to be expected, I only ever do muscle ups as singles so it’s hard to expect that that would make me better at anything but doing them in singles. The technique of stringing together large sets of these is still very rough. I imagine once I hit my strength goals and start working back down, things like HSPU and Muscle ups will start appearing more frequently and in higher volume. The more telling improvement was in my KBS capacity, which went from 168 to 225, I added a full three rounds which is my biggest improvement yet. I’m very happy with this.

Extra fish oil for me tonight!

In other news – I’m shopping for a weightlifting belt. I had a pretty enlightening discussion with one of the coaches at our box today and he’s convinced me it’s a good idea, mostly for safety. So I’m browsing sites as I write this, look for some reviews on that soon.

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