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Posted by on May 22, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Product Reviews, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130522 (Pressing)

Grizzly Way 130522 (Pressing)

I’ve been meaning for some time to talk about Blonyx, I kept waiting for the right mood or perfect segway to bring it up, but I think I just need to insert it randomly because I found this article. Blonyx is a company that makes two HMB based products, the first is a pill form of just HMB, the second is a powder of HMB+Creatine. The merits of Creatine are well, well documents; such that just mentioning how well documented it is feels stupid. HMB is a relatively new face, sort of. HMB is a metabolite of the BCAA (Branch chain amino acid) Leucine. About 5% of dietary Leucine is metabolized into HMB. I’ve talked about BCAA before and the various benefits it has on muscle protein synthesis. HMB works a bit differently, it’s credit for a primarily anti-catabolic effect; as opposed to an anabolic effect. The working theory being that the less you breakdown, a) the less you need to invest in rebuilding and b) the more available to build new structures. Thus, the research suggests, one should see an increase in recovery, as well as a potential for increase in strength. It’s been all of about 12 days since I started HMB+Creatine from Blonyx, so I will wait and do a full review when the 30 days are up.


Running clock, add 1 rep to each round:
Odd mintues: HSPU
7; 4 of 8
Even minutes: Toes to Bar
9; 6 of 10

March Compare
4; 4 of 5
8; 5 of 9

rest 20 min

Running clock, add 1 rep to each round:
Odd: Push Press (95#)
18; 16 of 19
Even: Pistols to a box
10; 10 of 11 each leg

March Compare
15; 12 of 16
8 each leg (5 of 9)

Alright, if you’ve been following along, which you all have because you’re awesome, then this testing paradigm should look pretty familiar. Further – you’ll know that at least for the last 3 days we’ve been re-testing some of these. I don’t know if Mike plans to continue with this or go back to regular training now. In any case – I was originally not too keen on this testing block, mostly because I was afraid of doing poorly and tumbling into a doubt vortex from which it is difficult to escape…luckily that isn’t happening. Quite the opposite – some things are actually improving more than I thought they would’ve. Namely this applies mostly to my pressing. I’m starting to think this is what Mike would call “low hanging fruit.” Start to press often and watch the numbers go up and up week after week. It certainly feels like I’ve had some untapped capacity here.

The first couplet of HSPU and TTB is kind of a goat workout for me, with long arms HSPU’s aren’t my favorite thing in the world, and with a pretty poor gymnastics background my TTB aren’t great either. I was pleasantly surprised by both. The HSPU improvement I think directly correlates to the improvements in my pressing strength, adding 3 full rounds to that; moving from a capacity of 14 to 32, well over double. The toes to bar didn’t improve as much, but those are closer to my muscle-up in the sense of gymnastics efficiency isn’t something I practice much at all, so any improvement there is probably something to celebrate. Truthfully if my hands were a little less beat up from the 225 KBS yesterday I might not have struggled as much.

The second couplet was far more interesting. As I’ve talked about in just about every post since Saturday now, my knees are not happy with me. Thankfully yesterday saw some reprieve but it was back into the fire today. I did my best to free up slack and work through my patellar mobs but there’s only so much preparing you can do for pistols. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it, my range of motion is still limited by my ankles on pistols, which meant a 16″ box. It really didn’t matter much, as I’m not sure which gave out first, my actual strength or my mental ability to fight through the knee pain. Either way 10 each leg, and then another 10 into the round of 11 is a decent improvement, especially considering my squat strength hasn’t moved that much in the same time period. 65 Pistols each leg for a total of 130 is actually pretty decent. The goal now needs to be to get rid of that box, or at least start to taper it down. The push press was the shining star of the day, 187 total reps, an improvement of 55 reps and 3 rounds.

While this is a strange and altogether new way for me to measure progress. It is still progress in the right direction and makes me feel good about the track I am on. What’s weird to think about, is that if my squat has progressed at the same percentage as my push-press I would likely be squatting over 400 pounds now. Makes you wonder. Time to wrap my knees and down some fish oil!

MFS | 3 – 5 – 7

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