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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130604 (Caffeinated)

Grizzly Way 130604 (Caffeinated)

Yesterday was a long one. Evening work schedule meant morning training, which meant a brutal 4:45 wake up call and subsequent large doses of caffeine. It broke down to something like this.

5:00 AM – 100mg with water
5:30 AM – 250mg (or so) pre-workout
9:00 AM – 300mg (two large iced coffee’s)
3:00 PM – 200mg
8:00 PM – Crash hard

That’s a solid 850mg – a pretty respectable total for any stim junkie but I got through the day, and actually didn’t suffer a terrible training session for it. Not to mention the super-load of caffeine helps confer a short term insulin resistance so that when I load up on my d-glucose + BCAA mix it’s reserved for my muscles and not for my liver and fat. Thanks DHKiefer!


2 Power Clean + 2 Power Jerk 60%, 65%, 70% x 2 sets
162, 175, 190
Clean Deadlift 80% x 4, 85% x 3 x 3
215, 230
Push Press 4RM; 2 x 4 @ 90% of 4RM
225; 202

6 Rounds:
5 Glute Ham Raise, tempo 2-1-2, 2 sec down, 1 sec pause, 2 sec up
11 Box Jumps (24″)
10 Push Press (115#)

The only problem with morning training is that my mind is not quite there yet, meaning I don’t think to tape anything, or even take a few pictures…sorry. Really I’m upset because I have been working a lot on bar bath and keeping my back solid on cleans – so it would’ve been a good thing to look at. I set a goal on Monday night to hit 225 for the 4RM push press. My previous 5RM was 215. The 5RM equates to a 1RM of 242, and the 4RM equates to a 1RM of 245, so technically theres some improvement there but I’m not quite sure how truthful that is.

Really not a lot to say about yesterday. After about 4:00 PM I was basically a zombie. I shuffled around work, ate my normal ground beef and rice, laid down on my “SuperNova” for 30 minutes, and then passed out. Finally getting caught up on some much needed sleep. Don’t neglect your sleep people.

MFS | 3 – 4 – 3

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