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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130617 (Under-Recovered)

Grizzly Way 130617 (Under-Recovered)

I did a shit job of eating on Saturday and Sunday; and though I felt fine over the course of the weekend – I quickly realized the magnitude of these errors yesterday. My weight was down all weekend, which should’ve been my first clue. My second clue was when 315 for a double felt heavy before I’d worked up to a 2RM. Obviously last week was a different story, not only did I set a new 1RM, but I also hit my old 1RM for a double. If you still don’t think there is a correlation between diet and training, you’re just plain wrong, or you don’t train hard enough. Luckily my weight is back up this morning after a full backload last night, including a pint of Coconut Bliss.


Snatch 2 @ 60%, 2@ 70%, 4 x 2 @ 80%
115, 135, 155
Back Squat 2RM, 4 x 2 @ 90% of 2RM
355; 315

6 Rounds:
11 Pullups
11 Thrusters (95#)
rest 2 min between each round
7:44 working time

rest 5 min

20 Ice Cream Makers, best you can, break up as necessary

I thought I was snatching well yesterday. I didn’t miss a rep until my last double at 80% which I took as being more consistent. I went back and looked at the videos and I am being much more consistent, but I was also consistently doing a few things wrong, which isn’t the goal. The intricacies of the 2nd pull are still evading me, even when my shoulders are in good position relative to the bar, the weight is still too far forward on my feet. The goal needs to be a shoulder in front of the bar just above the knee, with weight and drive through the heels and a tensioned hamstring and spine. Getting to the hip in a good position makes the vertical bar drive relatively foolproof, just the action of the hip drive will get the bar where it needs to be.

Anyone else feel some extra gravity yesterday? I think it got turned up a notch, the moon must be pretty far away or something. This video was at 355, even the first rep looked significantly harder than my rep at 375 from last week. I’m chalking it up as just a poorly recovered weekend and not a marker of trouble to come. I’m not proud of these reps at 355, let me be clear, that’s not what good squatting looks like. But I wanted to point out how clearly under-recovered I must’ve been for that to look this way.

Skipping over the conditioning, as thrusters and pull-ups are only so interesting. I was charged with 20 ice cream makers, another gymnastics progression. Unlike some of the other ones that I was able to fight through, these proved nearly impossible to execute correctly. First, my core is still quite weak/sore from Friday night’s 6×18 GHD sit-ups. Second, I just lack general body awareness for these gymnastics type movements. I’m going to talk to Mike about giving me a progression to follow along with these kinds of work, simply because I feel like I’m missing the intended stimulus. Maybe I’m not, only way to know is to ask.

MFS | 4 – 5 – 3


  1. when you say you did a shit job of eating does that mean you cheated and ate dessert or unhealthy foods or does it mean you didnt eat enough meat and carbs?
    Also, what does MFS stand for again at the end of each post?

    • Good question – when I say I did a shit job, it means I under-ate by thousands of calories both days. Really a big cheat would’ve probably been more beneficial than what I ended up doing.

      MFS stand for “Mood – Fatigue – Soreness”

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