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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Mobility, Olympic Lifts, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130624 (A Little Ugly)

Grizzly Way 130624 (A Little Ugly)

I’m finally unloading – after a pretty rough week last week it’s a welcome drop in volume. I did get a good bit of recovery in this weekend, lots of good food, good rest, and a nice session with my favorite PT The James Harris. The very same James Harris who I recently promised thousands of dollars if I did a pistol – so I got that going for me. I’ve done a bit of research on popular or the most successful airdyne uses. The best post on this I found was naturally on OPT’s blog most notably his post on March 9, 2012 which lists his top 10. I tried one today that might just become a staple of mine…good ole #7.

7. AM out of bed move session – out of bed, hop on AD, add effort per minute for 20 min till ready to go, do 15 min mobility, 5 min AD flush, start day

Goes great with big glass of ice water and some caffeine, by the end of that 20 minutes you’re ready for just about anything. Plus it actually eliminated the need to spend too much time on mobility, you’d be surprised what getting some blood flowing loosens up without bands, balls and rollers. I might not have the time or will everyday, but I could easily see doing this 2-3 times a week.


Power Snatch 2 @ 60%, 2 x 2 @ 65%, 2 x 2 @ 70%
115, 125, 135
Back Squat 2RM
Bent Hollow Body Hold 60 sec

10 Rounds:
3 Barbell Rows AHAP (as heavy as possible)
6 Squat Jumps
9 Russian KB Swings (53#)
rest 1 min between rounds
16:33.7 (7:34.7 working time)

Given that I hadn’t squatted since Wednesday, and I’d have a decent amount of food and rest this weekend, I felt fresher today than I have in a long time. Funny what 75 minutes with a licensed PT can do for your body. I felt really good snatching, especially that power snatch, because the position on the floor is so much cleaner it opens up my mind to focus on developing that power. I’ve got the floor position nearly perfect now, it’s very close to “as-good-as-it-gets.” I say it that way because there’s only so tight you can compress a 6’2″ frame down to a barbell. Even at the Olympic or European level, when you watch some of the 94’s but mostly the 105’s and 105+’s lift, their bottom positions do not look “ideal” because their mechanics are simply different. Nevertheless, I’m very close and things feel good so I’m happy.

The squat felt great up until about 355, which I really should’t be that upset about, because 355 is technically 95% of my 1RM, for a double, which is aggressive. My final 2RM at 360 was not pretty, and my big taped thumb missed pressing the record button so I don’t have it to show you. I’ve been playing a lot with my ankles and I found some new range there, but when you’re accustomed to a certain movement pattern, and you add too much slack at once, the pattern can degrade. Where you used to find tension you now find nothing but open space. A “wobble” is not a good feeling when you have 350+# on your back. It went down and came back up, twice, so I’m not unhappy, I just wish it felt more solid. That being said, to keep things in perspective, 8 weeks ago now I missed 360 for a single. As Glenn Pendlay would say, when 400 is your max, 360 will look better, when 450 is your max, 400 will look better. The point being – when you’re really at end range of effort, strength, and capacity – it won’t be pretty, and its not about it being pretty.

What really falls off on the deload week is conditioning volume. Roughly 1/2 of what it is for the other 3 weeks of the cycle if I had to guess. The weight is lighter and the reps are fewer. I can’t remember the last time I swung a 24kg KB as part of conditioning. I won’t waste your time saying anything more about that.

MFS | 1 – 3 – 2

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