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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130629 (Gearing Up)

Grizzly Way 130629 (Gearing Up)

The last day of unloading is always a good metric for how the unloading phase went. I think this phase went really well, though I’m not sure I entirely needed it, but looking at the next cycle I’m glad I got it, the volume has been taken up a notch again, the percentages are higher and AM conditioning work twice a week. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. I’m really looking forward to a nice AD flush and mobility session before Monday gets here.


Speaking on next cycle – I’m all geared up for the added volume. Six pounds of ground beef, almost seven pounds of white sushi rice (starch, starch city), and four pints of gluten/soy-free ice cream. Eating like an athlete, even if it means the same meals 7 days a week. James Tatum does it, so will I.


3 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squat 60%, 65% x 2 sets, 70% x 2 sets
120, 130, 140
Clean 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 70%, 2 @ 80%, 2 @ 85%
165, 190, 215, 230
Snatch High Pull 4 x 4 @ 85%

5 Rounds:
2 Muscle ups
6 Jump Lunges
10 GHD Situps
rest 1 min between rounds
8:28 (4:28 working time)

Tons of stuff on tape today. Something about Saturday morning’s just makes my OHS really awful feeling. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it did, but it felt far worse. My power snatching looks okay, I was trying to really nail down this tall-snatch/scarecrow position, higher elbows, faster turnovers, better lifts. Not quite there yet, but it looks pretty good, especially on the high pulls.

The cleans were just okay. 85% felt very heavy today, which I wouldn’t expect given my lack of squats and lowered conditioning volume. I was really hoping these would feel better. My bar path looks pretty good, and there was no real visible jump forward, so my pulling and turnover has gotten better. I’d be happier if I could land with a stronger torso, the weight tends to crash down on me still. Keeping the bar a little bit closer through the 2nd pull will likely help this.

My muscle ups felt fantastic today, which is strange, gaining weight and improving gymnastics don’t really feel like they belong together. I made a pretty drastic change, I crossed my feet together. Which sounds strange, but keeping the legs tied together helps keep a solid hallow body position, and the legs straighter through the kip, which in turn doesn’t throw extra torque into the turnover, which lets me keep my elbows nice and tight. Until I can do this without thinking about it, I’m going to keep doing them legs crossed. I’d recommend it if you’re struggling with this movement.

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