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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130710 (Spartan)

Grizzly Way 130710 (Spartan)

The Spartan analogy is all but worn out thanks to movies like 300… but I’m unoriginal and it fits too perfectly on so many levels. Spartan, rigorously self-disciplined or self-restrained; simple, frugal, or austere. I make no claims to courageous in the face of pain or danger…though I think I do alright. Most people might see a Spartan lifestyle as lacking, or in some way insufficient, unbalanced and “mono-structural”; but I don’t, I love the way I live my life, and that’s good enough for me.


Snatch 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 70%, 2 @ 80%, 2 @ 85%, 1 @ 90%, 2 @ 80%, 2 @ 85%, 1 @ 90%
120, 140, 160, 170, 180, 160, 170, 180
Power Clean 3 @ 60%, 3 @ 65%, 3 x 3 @ 70%
165, 175, 190
Front Squat 2RM; 4 x 2 @ 90% of 2RM
295; 265
Press 3RM; 2 x 3 @ 90% of 3RM
170; 155
Accumulate 2 min of chin over bar hang
30 on; 1:00 off x2, :20 on; :40 off x3

Row 30:30 (work:rest) x 12 sets, record calories per set
16, 16, 16, 15, 15, 14, 16, 15, 14, 14, 15, 15

Hyperbole aside, yesterday was probably one of the worst days of training I’ve had since starting with Mike. The volume of this cycle is wearing on me, I thought I was keeping up, I really did; but yesterday more or less proved me wrong. Granted – I didn’t exactly slide backwards, I matched my numbers from last week, which I guess was a good thing, but it’s hardly progress. Squatting for a third day in a row (back squat, heavy clean, front squat) was not a pleasurable experience. I never really found my snatch yesterday either, the pulls look great, everything from the hip up was a mess though. Watching all the “tape” from yesterday just made me angry all over again.

The cleans were inconsequential, power cleans will never trouble me, I could literally do these all day, literally. Front squats however are on the opposite end of the spectrum; the lightest front squat will ruin me, purely from a technical perspective, something just isn’t there. Well not something, specifically mobility, likely ankle, but not in the truest sense, there’s also some tibial rotation and hip range at play as well…but that’s just physics…or something. Pressing felt fine, just wasn’t any stronger than two weeks ago, as long as the squat keeps improving, I’m fine with my press staying at the same spot. Really the only saving grace to yesterday was the rowing sprints, give me something I’m good at and can give 100% even if I feel like shit. That was fantastic, and brutal, so so terrible. Not nearly as bad as Airdyne mind you, but a different kind of suck entirely. Try keeping a rower above a 2000 cal/hr pace, see if you can hold that for 30 seconds, then get back to me.


MFS | 6 – 8 – 4

P.S. This is the modern Spartan…iced coffee and compression leggings (love my BSC), praying Friday is better than Wednesday.


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