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Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Grizzly Way 130723 (Super Supple)

Grizzly Way 130723 (Super Supple)

I’ve been trying to refocus lately, I went through some mental exercises in an attempt to draw some important connections between habits I’ve had and success that follow. The goal really is to figure out which habits pay the biggest dividends down the road. One of my favorite habits that contribute’s a lot to my mental approach to any workout is mobility. When my shoulder hurts, or knee is nagging, getting under near maximal weight carries an ominous tone, when your mind needs to be focused, it’s split between executing a lift or workout and being anxious about that joint or pain. The other night I threw together a document to track it just like I track my training and diet – watch what works, take note, and remove what doesn’t work. Yesterday morning, and this morning I’ve put it into practice – a 10-15 minute airdyne flush/warm-up, 15-20 minutes of soft tissue work and then 15-20 minutes of targeted movement and joint capsule work. The amount better I feel today than say…Monday, is already incredible. Time to improve. No more wasted days. Today we front squat.


Snatch High Pull 4 x 2 @ 90%
Press 3RM
170 (175×1)

6 Rounds:
9 GHD Situps
5 Burpees
rest 1 min between rounds
3:28 working time

When I read the training yesterday I knew off the bat it would take max 45 minutes. I planned accordingly and arranged a meeting with my Physical Therapist – the one and only James “Performance RX” Harris – to tackle some aggressive mobility work for the first hour or so. Spent most of that hour on two areas, ankles and hips, trying to buy myself some slack.

The snatch high pulls went okay, Mike recently told me not to re-bend under as if starting a 3rd pull, it should replicate the 1st and 2nd pulls only, pulling high to the chest. For whatever reason at the top of the 2nd pull, I can’t seem to resist the re-bend. I think I maybe did it right once or twice, that load was definitely not fun to high pull. My press stays put – I don’t think we’ve done a lot of upper body stuff this cycle so perhaps that’s expected, though it’s frustrating having been at the same 3RM for awhile now. I miss bench pressing, dear Mike, bring back the bench. The conditioning was “fun” – short and more intense, no problem staying moving through those short chunks of situps and burpees. Overall I’m feeling much better about the future – good mindset is key.

MFS | 2 – 3 – 1

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