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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Strength Training

Grizzly Way 130726 & 130727 (Weekend Update!)

Grizzly Way 130726 & 130727 (Weekend Update!)

Whoa…this weekend was crazy right? Rich Froning and Sam Briggs – I won’t lie – I saw it coming, but at least there were some good races throughout. I thought Khalipa had a real honest to god shot there for awhile. That sprint WOD killed him. I would apologize for delaying my posts this long – but I don’t really thing you care, and frankly I didn’t feel much like writing them until now. For a couple reasons, first, Friday was more or less another rest day, as you can see the volume was ridiculously low. Second, Saturday was kind of bittersweet, a good day snatching by most accounts, but kind of a mess after that, so I had to get my head around some things, drafted an e-mail to Mike, etc. But I feel good about it now and I had some time to put everything into perspective and get lost in the games **Buzz**.


For those uninitiated – thats the USAW Nationals on the right – Team MDUSA crushed it, so happy for those guys and gals.


Airdyne 30:30 (work:rest) x 6 sets, record calories per set
13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13


Find Snatch 1RM
Find Clean & Jerk 1RM
Find Front Squat 1RM

I won’t even touch on Friday’s “training” – I’m not even sure you can call it that. Really it was just an excuse to get on the Airdyne and get some blood moving. I didn’t even need a shower after. Well I might’ve needed one – but I didn’t take one. Hold your judgements, I don’t give a hooooo.


Saturday, the pressure was on, the stakes were high, and I like to think I did well under the “pressure” granted that pressure was my own, as in no one was pressuring me but myself. After an exaggerated warmup I tried to stick to pretty decent jumps on the snatch so as not to get too tired waiting for 85% to feel “perfect.” I went something like 125×2, 145×1, 165×1, 185×1, 195×1, 205×1, 215 x 0,0,0,0 (that’s 4 misses). So I chose not to hit 100% exactly, I figured why waste it, especially because both 185 and 195 felt about as solid as they’ve ever felt. My 205 rep is on film, but I think I’m going to edit together that make, with the 4 misses at 215, so look for that video in a later post. My left food kind of stumbled or got caught, so the video actually looks pretty ugly especially compared to how it felt. It looks like I catch it on my toes – well I did, but it wasn’t because the weight pulled me forward, it’s because I’m uncoordinated.

That’s about where the day started to unravel. The clean, the full squat clean is such a terribly inefficient position for me right now. The way my spine caves, it puts so much load on the legs that it doesn’t even transfer, it’s just effort, energy sucking effort. If you’ve ever seen someone stand up a clean that landed forward, you know it takes an enormous effort compared to a properly seated front squat or clean. I power cleaned my way to 265 pretty decently. At 270 I couldn’t really power clean it well anymore, so I got under it the old fashioned way, and it was gross but I hit it. Then I tried 275, which would only have been a 5# increase, that’s how inefficient I am at this position, my leg strength does nothing when misapplied, because PHYSICS! I stood up 275, but I was so gassed the jerk just wasn’t there. Which rolled into some exhausted, not pretty, very laborious front squats and no new PR there. It was a challenging weekend, mentally and physically. I ate and cooked my way back to a proper mindset.

Today starts a new cycle, progress moves forward, I’m looking forward not back. Airdyning my way to happiness!


Oh and I cooked not 1, but 2 pork shoulders – roughly 15 lbs. of pulled pork. It’s delicious! The best part is that the slow cooker did all the work, 36 hours strong!


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  1. Good to see you on the up-and-up! Smash it this cycle!

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