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Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Rant, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130729 (And Then I Got Sick)

Grizzly Way 130729 (And Then I Got Sick)

Remember that time where I was looking forward and ready to start a new cycle and do really well and not have anymore problems? That lasted for about a day…see Monday night after training, my throat was kind of sore, then Tuesday morning it was a full blown cold, sore throat, runny nose, chills, aches, the whole nine. So Tuesday and Wednesday were a complete wash, no training, barely left my bed. Finally today I’m feeling better and back from the coma of sickness. The only problem is that now this whole week is pretty much eff’d, at least training wise. I need to figure out how to get back on track without hurting my “getting better.” I think the game plan is a z1 airdyne session this afternoon, some technique work Friday, and maybe back to 100% Saturday. We’ll see.

At least I have plenty of pulled pork to hold me through!



Airdyne 30:30 (work:rest) x 12 sets, record calories per set
11, 13×12, 16


Snatch 4 @ 60%, 4 @ 70%, 4 x 4 @ 80%
120, 140, 160
Back Squat 1RM; 4 x 1 @ 90%
365; 325
Snatch High Pull 4 x 4 @ 85%

4 Rounds:
2 Deadlift @ 90% of Clean 1RM 255
16 Jump Lunges
16 Burpees

rest 5 min

Bent Hollow Body Rock for 60 reps total
20 CatCows

Despite being a few hours from sickness – Monday’s training felt like a step in the right direction. Snatching felt good, not the cleanest sets of 4 but quick and very few misses. Monday was also the heaviest squat I’d gotten under in several weeks, which felt phenomenal, just to be under that weight again and not feel like a bag of shit. Mike also told me to stop rebending under the snatch high pulls, so my focus on those was to stay in triple extension as long as possible. I think you can see a bit of a rebend but these definitely felt better than they have in the past as well.

The conditioning was actually much quicker and smoother than I thought it would be, I saw that large number of burpees and envisioned something much more painful. It was really just a matter of staying moving, and staying breathing. Mike told me to think of PM conditioning more as a movement circuit, not for time so much, but just to build capacity in those movements, so it really didn’t crush me. Though it probably didn’t help the impending diseased state.

Glad to be feeling better, still not 100%. Hope you didn’t miss these posts, I think I kind of did, but it was nice to disappear from the world for a few days too, in a weird sick-vacation-break-from-real-life-kind-of-way.

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