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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Product Reviews, Recovery, Strength Training, WOD

Grizzly Way 130907 (Weekend Fun!)

Grizzly Way 130907 (Weekend Fun!)

I’m not entirely sure why I gave this post the title “Weekend Fun” – probably just because in my own head I had a pretty good weekend, even if it’s not what most people would consider “fun.” Saturday I got up and headed to the gym early to get my hour session of soft tissue work in, its a strange Saturday ritual I have, since the gym is open for about 4 hours on Saturday I have the extra time and its a nice way to relax into the AM session. To just get up and start lifting I’ve found is a bit jarring to me. Then after my training I hung around and shot some Garage Game’s videos with my favorite PT – James Harris of it sounds like we did “work” but really it was nothing of the sort. I imagine KStar and the people he hangs out with have similar relationships, talking about everything from sleep and training to diet, periodization, and mixing in awkward movie quotes where they seem to fit. Then we played around with some new t-spine mobilization, since that’s a big area for me, then we ate mexican food and drank margarita’s. See that’s fun!


Snatch Pull 2 x 4 @ 95%

4 Rounds:
20 Wall Ball Shots
40 Double Unders
rest to a heart rate of 125 beats per minute between rounds
*report time of each round and time to reach resting HR

Round 1: 1:30 work (180 max) / Rest 2:03
Round 2: 1:31 work (185 max) / Rest 2:45
Round 3: 1:21 work (186 max) / Rest 3:35
Round 4: 1:27 work (187 max) / Rest 2:16

This weekend was also fun because my training volume really went off the deep end after Friday. Heavy snatch pulls and conditioning was all I had. I think Mike was expecting me to feel more beat up than I did, after Friday’s power movements I really was more or less feeling great. Going into Sunday I almost didn’t need the rest day, my resting HR Saturday morning was 55, which is pretty much telling me that I could’ve gone a little harder. Oh well – I should probably take the easy days where I can get them.

I was quite happy with my snatch pulls from yesterday, the first one is probably the worst, because storing that tension from the top down is much easier than trying to find it in the bottom. Again I’m working on it – but exercises like this help a lot. I could feel a huge difference in how I was pulling. My hips might rise a little fast in the last rep or two, but overall I was quite pleased given the weight and rep scheme.

The conditioning was really cool. Obviously I’ve been playing with my new HR monitor a lot lately, but this was the first day Mike actually told me to use it. Not only does it give me a cool read out after I’m done, like this…


Can you pick out the 4 rounds?

It also uploads the log to a web page that lets me then go in and break it down to the second, so I can see exactly where I was at any given point in a workout. Here. Which then lets me go back and know exactly how long I worked for, exactly how long it took me to recover to a moderate heart rate, and how quickly I shot back up after starting. The potential for improvement and control here is really really fascinating. Mike and I were geeking out about it Sunday, he said he’s going to have all his athletes get one of these. For the time being, I’m going to be wearing it for all my conditioning sessions, let’s see what we can learn. My double unders felt great on Saturday, which was frustrating, because I really could’ve used that about a week ago, but that’s life, move on, get better, etc.

As far as the Polar H7 is concerned, I haven’t tried any other HR monitors ever, but the band fits well, the app works phenomenally, the web program is a nice touch, they sync themselves automatically, the readouts are great – automatically detecting what kind of training you’re doing, and letting you know how long you were in each HR “Zone”. I’ve not tried it with the GPS tracking say for running or outdoor biking, but I imagine that works quite well. Overall I really can’t complain about anything it does, I’d have to give it a solid 98/100, only taking off 2 points for the fact that something might go wrong later…really at this point it’s a 100 though. If you’re in the market, and don’t mind training with your phone nearby, it’s a must have.


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