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Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Crossfit, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Music and Rants, Olympic Lifts, Rant, Strength Training

Grizzly Way 130924 (Just Weightlifting)

Grizzly Way 130924 (Just Weightlifting)

You need to sleep more. Everyone needs to sleep more. Hardly anyone sleeps enough, I’m gonna throw back to some Paleo ideals here that may or may not fit, but when the sun goes down at 7:00PM and rises around 5:30, that’s 10:30 hours of sleep. Sure there was fire, and some kind of social life, but the work of the day mostly stopped when the sun went down. Pure conjecture, I’m not anthropologist, but it makes sense right? Humans used to do a lot of work, and that drove a need for sleep. We arguably do more now, stress ourselves out more, and then sleep and recover less. That’s a model for disaster, assuredly. I never feel as good as when I sleep for 10 hours and wake up all H’s (happy, healthy, horny); likewise, nothing throws me off more than missing sleep, 7 hours just doesn’t cut it anymore. Unplug at 9:00, go to bed at 10:00, see what good sleep feels like, it’ll blow your mind.


Work to Heavy Snatch for the day
92kg (3 misses at 96 kg)
No foot snatch 3, 2, 1
70, 75, 80 kg
Clean to 90%
110 kg
Snatch Balance 3, 2, 1
70, 80, 84 kg

Yesterday was a bit strange, I actually don’t remember the last training day that was weightlifting only, by prescription. Sure I’ve had days that are heavy weightlifting and a shorter metcon, and days where there was AM conditioning and no PM. But I’ve not had a day in recent memory where it’s just go and lift weights. It was kind of nice, get in, throw some weight around, and that’s it. Recover, shower, enjoy the rest of the day. I got under a PR snatch twice yesterday, which bodes well for this unloading cycle already. Only two days in and I’m throwing around max weight. This is the first time I can remember hitting a snatch over 200 pounds since the end of June. That’s a pretty nice feeling, knowing that’s still hanging around. Even the snatch balances yesterday started getting pretty heavy. I like the road I’m on, finally focusing on some specific weaknesses, and seeing some pretty drastic improvements relatively quickly. If only I wasn’t spending $600 a month on coaching, I can justify it now, thank god I don’t have kids…or a wife…

I really need to step up my blog photography game. I haven’t taken a new picture in like 5 days, I think Instagram is forgetting I even train regularly…how will people know what I’m eating?! Serious though, I’ll get back on track, sorry Internet.

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  1. $600? Does that include your CF membership?

    • It does.

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