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Posted by on Sep 27, 2013 in Crossfit, Food Porn, Lifting and Crossfit, Master, Olympic Lifts, Paleo Lifestyle, Strength Training

Grizzly Way 130926 (More Weightlifting)

Grizzly Way 130926 (More Weightlifting)

Yesterday got a bit strange… first, I got out of a meeting at around 11:50 and decided in a whimsical burst of spontaneity to go outside and purchase lunch from a food truck rather than eat my carefully planned and meticulously crafted broccoli and grilled chicken with almonds. I already wrote about that yesterday, but at the time I wrote about it I did not realize how it would affect me. That burrito was like a lead balloon, so filling, I just wanted to sleep the rest of the day. Because of that I stayed at work instead of doing my normal 1:30 – 3:00 Lab Gym slot. I just needed the extra 2 hours. Training wasn’t great, but it was far better than burrito cleans.


Then, since I was already in a downward spiral, why not add some Froyo to the equation?? So then that happened. Let’s just say it’ll be clean eats for me probably until HOA in November now, I’ve gotten all of that out of my system now, time to press forwards.


Heavy clean single
116 kg
Clean pulls 100, 105, 110%
125, 130, 134 kg

Heavy 3, 2, 1 jerks
111, 116, 121 kg

Even though I missed the Lab training, I trained like I was still there, doing as close to what I’ve been doing on Thursdays as possible. Work to a heavy clean, clean pulls, and heavy jerk repeats. My heavy clean single was a bit disappointing, but as we all know now, since I can’t stop talking about it, that front rack position is still a struggle, I have good days and bad. Clean pulls went well, pulling is a strength of mine so that really wasn’t all that taxing. Though in the video of 110%, I’m still missing some upper back tightness that needs to be there. I’m hopeful the next 8 weeks of training focusing on more gymnasty upper body work will help me find more stability and strength there. Jerk’s went well, doing repeats out of a rack is just brutally tough, but my technique felt really good. My single was probably a bit too easy, I could’ve probably gone up to at least 125 kg but I just decided to be done.

Time to rest up for my big testing day Saturday…no pressure now…

MFS | 1 – 4 – 1

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